Is Playa del Carmen a nice place to live?

Is Playa del Carmen a nice place to live?

Living in Playa del Carmen is an amazing experience. I’d encourage everyone to try it at least once whether it’s short-term or long-term. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, middle-aged, or in your later life, it’s one of the few places in the world that caters to people of all ages.

Is it safe to move to Playa del Carmen?

The crime rate in Playa del Carmen is very average with a 56.1 rating. That means it’s not a highly dangerous place, but it’s not perfectly safe either. As long as you use your common travel sense and stay out of sketchy situations, you’ll be absolutely fine in Playa del Carmen.

Which cartel controls Playa del Carmen?

The uniformed troops can now be seen patrolling the beaches, including Playa del Carmen where authorities have arrested three people in connection with the murder of the bar manager. The hitmen have been described as alleged members of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Do they speak English in Playa del Carmen?

The great thing about this beautiful coastal town is just how internationalized it is. The Mexicans that work in tourism here all speak English. In fact, on the tours, you will find they often speak multiple languages such as: Spanish.

Can foreigners buy property in Mexico?

Foreigners can own property in Mexico. It’s perfectly legal. Outside the restricted zones—50 kilometers (about 31 miles) from shorelines and 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) from international borders—foreigners can hold direct deed to property with the same rights and responsibilities as Mexican nationals.

How many expats live in Playa del Carmen?

Of course we have a lot to say about this place because we are based here. This town/city keeps becoming more popular with expats and nationals for living (about 186,00 residents and growing). It is a European feeling place next to the ocean than most everywhere else.

Can you live in Mexico without being a citizen?

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need a visa to live in Mexico. By law, you can stay in the country as a tourist for up to six months. You’re also able to make a visa run to another country, then re-enter Mexico for another six months.