Is PMCH a govt hospital?

Is PMCH a govt hospital?

The exact location is on Ashok Rajpath which is also home to other colleges of Patna University….Patna Medical College and Hospital.

Patna Medical College Hospital
Funding Government hospital
Affiliated university Aryabhatta Knowledge University
Opened 1925

How many beds are there in PMCH Patna?

– The hospital has a total of 1675 beds which is being enhanced to 5462 beds making in the second largest hospital in the world and largest in country.

What is the fee structure of PMCH?

Patna Medical College and Hospital is one of the best and most reputed Government Medical colleges in Bihar, and it was Commenced in the year 1925….Fee Structure.

Particulars Fee
Admission Fees/Tuition Fees Rs.6100/-
Extra-Curricular Activity Fund Rs.4000/-
Security Deposit Money (Refundable) Rs.10000/-
Total Rs.20,100/-

What is the area of PMCH Patna?

The new PMCH premises will be spread over 72.44 lakh square foot area which will house “green buildings” having foolproof fire safety and medical gas pipeline provisions. It will also have a 450-bed dharmshala, separate power sub-station and facility for treatment of excreta and dirty water.

What is the meaning of Pmch?


Acronym Definition
PMCH Pro-Melanin-Concentrating Hormone
PMCH Preventive Medicine and Community Health (University of Texas Medical Branch)
PMCH Packet Mode Channel Handler
PMCH Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act of 1986

Is there any bond in Pmch?

In pmch for mbbs, there is a bonding for PG vide Health Department. Hope this helps you.

What is the cutoff of Bihar Medical College?

NEET 2021 85% Cutoff for State Quota Seats

Medical Colleges Institutes UR EWS
Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College and Hospital, Gaya 586 578
Government Medical College, Bettiah 577 576
Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Bhagalpur 596 585
Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna 607 605

Does PMCH have a gym?

About PMCH GYM It is located in the heart of campus of pacific medical college & hospital bhello ka bedla in 10,000 sqft plus area with two squash court,game zone with well euipped all fitness equipment long with beautifull in house health cafe and .

Which university is affiliated with Pmch?

Aryabhatta Knowledge UniversityPMCH / Affiliated university

Which is the biggest hospital in Bihar?

The PMCH is currently Bihar’s largest hospital with 1,750 beds, but after the redevelopment the capacity will increase to 5,462. The project is scheduled to be completed in three phases over seven years.

Which state has no bond after MBBS?

Kindly provide a list of states where service bonds for mbbs students are reuired and details of the bonds ie amount of bond and no of years of compulsory service after completing mbbs course. Andhra Pradesh, Manipur, Bihar, Odisha, Telangana, Delhi and colleges like AIIMS, BHU, AMU, JIPMER do not have a bond too.

What is the cutoff of Pmch 2020?

EBC – Air 7964 and 532 marks. So if you want to get this college in obc category then your marks must be 625+ and all india rank below 8k.