Is Proto tools still in business?

Is Proto tools still in business?

Proto Tools (formally Stanley Proto) is an American industrial hand tool company. Founded as Plomb, it is presently a division of Stanley Black & Decker.

Is Proto made by Stanley?

Morris Pendleton sold Proto to Ingersoll Rand in the early 1960’s, and in 1984, The Stanley Works purchased Proto to form Stanley-Proto Industrial Tools. Today, Proto offers a complete line of more than 5,000 tools and sets that are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA.

Is Proto made by Mac?

Stanley also owns MAC Tools and manufactures MAC tools in the same plants. Now here’s the kicker: MAC Tools, Proto Tools (a very expensive industrial brand), Husky Tools, and, (prior to five or so years ago) Craftsman Tools are all made from the same forgings in the same plants.

Who replaces Proto Tools?

Except as specified below, Proto Industrial Tools, a business unit of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Is Proto made in Taiwan?

The vast majority of the Proto line is made in the USA, but to meet the quality demands of their extremely demanding customer base, they’ve brought ratcheting combo production back to the USA as well.

Is Proto a lifetime warranty?

Limited Lifetime Warranty: (“Proto®”) warrants any of its Proto® branded products, including products sold by the Proto® Industrial Tools that are marketed as products “by Proto®,” for the useful life of the product against defects in material or workmanship.

How long has Proto Tools been around?

Proto was founded in 1907 in Los Angeles by three Germen entrepreneurs, Alphonso Plomb, Jacob Weninger, and Charles Williams. Somewhat humorously they called the company PLOMB Tools because Alphonso Plomb had the shortest name out of the three founders, making it the easiest to put on the hand tools.

Who makes the highest quality hand tools?

In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 international hand tool manufacturers’ information and reviews.

  • Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley Black & Decker hand tools.
  • DeWalt. DeWalt hand tools.
  • Ronix. Ronix hand tools.
  • Snap-On. Snap-On hand tools.
  • Craftsman. Craftsman hand tools.
  • Klein. Klein hand tools.
  • Knipex.
  • Wera.

Does proto have a lifetime warranty?

The exclusive remedy under this Lifetime Warranty for products determined to be deficient in materials or workmanship by Proto is repair or replacement with a reconditioned tool of equal value by Proto.

Where is proto manufactured?

Dallas, TX
PROTO® engineers, manufactures, and tests its products in its own Dallas, TX facility to help ensure quality and precision manufacturing.

Where are Blackhawk by Proto tools made?

Blackhawk ratcheting combos (as with any Blackhawk item that contains a ratcheting mechanism) are made in Taiwan. They are nice, sturdy, wrenches, and holding them in your hand you can feel the heft when compared to the new China sourced Gearwrenches.

Do proto tools have a warranty?

Do proto torque wrenches have lifetime warranty?

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers and Torque Testers are warranted for one year, except for calibration which is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase.