Is Rome a good snowboard brand?

Is Rome a good snowboard brand?

Rome snowboards are a very reputable snowboarding company that has been manufacturing high-end snowboards for almost two decades now. Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) are known as some of the best boards on the market in terms of technology, snowboard shapes, and innovation.

What does SDS stand for Rome snowboards?

Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate
Since 2001, the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate has been guided by this voice.

Who makes Rome snowboards?

Nidecker Brothers Acquire Rome SDS, and Bataleon Parent Low Pressure Studio. The Nidecker brothers are making major moves in snowboarding. They announced today that they have acquired Vermont-based Rome SDS in addition to Low Pressure Studio in Europe, which is home to the Bataleon, Lobster and Switchback brands.

How much is a snowboard worth?

Generally speaking, a kid snowboard can cost up to $60, a pro snowboard can cost between $200- $1000, a woman snowboard can cost up for $500 for a higher-end while a man snowboard can cost up to $1000. You can read our other snowboarding articles here.

When did Rome snowboards come out?

Rome Snowboards was founded in late 2001 in Waterbury, Vermont by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz, who were former marketing and product development employees at Burton, together with Dan Sullivan.

Where is Rome Snowboards made?

Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski, Qu├ębec. Home to only a 1,000 people and one of the most legit snowboard factories on the planet.

Where are Rome Snowboards made?

Where are Rome snowboards manufactured?

Are old snowboards worth money?

Some early wooden boards like a 1977 Burton prototype have sold for as much as $31,313.13 on eBay to collectors with deep pockets. But despite a handful of these high bidders, theres still no real way to determine how much an old used snowboard is actually worth.

Do snowboards hold their value?

Snowboards can be used or stored for up to 15 years before they begin to really deteriorate from age. As long as a board still has decent pop and flex, an old board purchased for $50-$100 and is a good option for riding in rocky spring or fall season conditions.

Where are Rome Snowboards from?

Waterbury, Vermont
Founded in 2001 by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz, the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate continues to produce high quality snowboarding products designed at our headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont, half an hour from the nearest chairlift. We make snowboarding.

Who owns Rome?

The iconic Rome SDS snowboard brand has a new owner, but the same principals: Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz. The company is headquartered in Waterbury. Rome is one of the original rider-driven brands, and has been at the forefront of snowboard progression over the past 17 years.

Is a 15 year old snowboard still good?

Do snowboards expire?

You Only Need to Replace a Board or Skis When You Have To There isn’t an expiration date on skis and snowboards, so while you’ll often see a number between 80 and 100 for how many days of skiing or snowboarding you’ll get out of your gear there is no predicting how many it will actually be.

Is a 10 year old snowboard still good?

Can a snowboard expire?

How many years should a snowboard last?

As long as your board is stored dry, well supported and waxed, it can last for over 10 years in storage without deteriorating too much. Most riders store their boards for about 6 months in between seasons each year.

Can I use a 20 year old snowboard?

Are old snowboards worth anything?

Is a 20 year old snowboard still good?