Is Sally Geeson married?

Is Sally Geeson married?

William G. StewartSally Geeson / Spouse (m. 1976–1986)William Gladstone Stewart was an English television producer, director, and television presenter, best known as the presenter and producer of the Channel 4 quiz show Fifteen to One from 1988 to 2003. Wikipedia

How old is Sally Geeson now?

71 years (June 23, 1950)Sally Geeson / Age

Where is Judy Geeson now?

Having settled in California, Judy Geeson took a break from acting in the 2000s, however she has recently returned to film, appearing in two horror films – The Lords of Salem in 2012 and most recently, the slasher film 31, released this year.

Where is Suzy Kendall now?

Kendall now lives in London with her second husband Sandy Harper.

Is Sally Geeson and Judy Geeson sisters?

Sally GeesonJudy Geeson / Sister

How old is Judy Geeson the actress?

73 years (September 10, 1948)Judy Geeson / Age

Are any of the cast of Bless This House still alive?

I’m glad he had the chance to reconnect with the past in his final few years. Sadly, the death of Robin Stewart comes with the dawning realisation that now there is only one surviving member of the Bless This House cast. Sally Geeson is the last Abbott standing.

Did Bless This House get Cancelled?

Bless This Mess was a sitcom starring Lake Bell and Pam Grier, but here’s why the well-received series was cancelled before the third season. Despite being well-received, the sitcom Bless This Mess was canceled after season 2 and it seems unlikely that it will receive a season 3 anywhere else.

Who did Suzy Kendall marry?

Sandy Harperm. 1978
Dudley Moorem. 1968–1972
Suzy Kendall/Spouse

Why did Robin Stewart leave Bless This House?

He played the role of Mike Abbott in sit-com series Bless This House during its entire 1971–76 run; due to prior commitments he did not feature in the film version of the series.