Is sankarea a horror?

Is sankarea a horror?

Sankarea: Undying Love is about half horror and half comedy, and the problem is that the comedy wins out when it really shouldn’t. It actually isn’t, strictly speaking, a horror story, despite the main character being a horror-movie and zombie fan.

Is sankarea a romance?

Sankarea (さんかれあ) is a romantic comedy manga written and illustrated by Mitsuru Hattori about a deceased girl who becomes a zombie. It is published in Japan by Kodansha.

Is sankarea sad?

But Sankarea never quite loses its ineffable sadness, making this, while more sweet than bitter, still a finale that leaves a little bit of sorrow in the heart.

Who does Chihiro end up with?

Despite the fact that he’s not interested in living girls, he managed to fall in love with Rea when she was still alive, and confesses to her while Rea tries to devour him, which brings her to her senses.

Do Chihiro and Rea end up together?

Nope they don’t end up together. Rea lives on her own and slowly becomes a living urban legend as shown in the last chapter. Given how Rea knows the children’s grandmother at the last chapter, the only possible candidate for Furuya’s wife would be Wanko.

What is the ending of sankarea?

Within the ending of Sankarea, Chapter 55, Rea goes into the Terminal Eater state and eats Furuya, while remembering about the last time they had together. Chapter 55 ends with Rea becoming upset because she believes she killed Chihiro and ate him.

Is Chihiro a zombie?

In the manga as well as in the anime he was bitten by Rea so he is a zombie like his grandfather who was bitten while doing research.

Who does Chihiro end up with in sankarea?

What happens to Chihiro in sankarea?

In the end of the manga, Chihiro’s heart was eaten by Rea, but he was given an artificial heart to survive. Rea is the heroine title character of the story who steals and drinks a zombie potion made by Chihiro in an attempt to commit suicide because of years of sexual and emotional abuse by her father.

Does Rea like Chihiro?