Is Santa Cruz good for surfing?

Is Santa Cruz good for surfing?

Santa Cruz is well-known for its surfing and surf culture and is one of the best places for surfing worldwide, and you’re in luck because Santa Cruz is one of the best places to travel in the fall as well, so put it on the list because it might be time for a Santa Cruz family vacation.

Where do you surf in Santa Cruz?

Top 5 Spots to Watch Surfers in Santa Cruz County

  • STEAMER LANE. Known by locals simply as The Lane, this West Cliff surf break is arguably the most iconic in the county.
  • THE HOOK. There’s a reason Jack O’Neill made his home in Pleasure Point.

How big are the waves in Santa Cruz right now?

Current Surf Report for Santa Cruz Current Conditions

High 2:05AM 10.04ft
Low 8:15AM 2.13ft
High 2:28PM 10ft
Low 8:35PM 2.2ft

Is it cold to surf in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz water temperatures peak in the range 20 to 22°C (68 to 72°F) on around the 18th of August and are at their minimum on about the 21st of February, in the range 14 to 16°C (57 to 61°F). Santa Cruz water temperatures are warmest in the third week of August.

Do people surf in Santa Cruz?

The coastal town of Santa Cruz is laden with sandy beaches and breaking waves. In other words, it’s a surfer’s dream. Lovingly nicknamed “surf city,” the waves in town have something for all levels. From gentle waves to dangerous crashing swells, Santa Cruz has surfing hot spots made for every surfer.

Can you surf at Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

But at its heart, Santa Cruz is a surf town. This is where the sport was originally introduced in the U.S., and top surfers know that the place to be is Steamer Lane.

Can you surf in Santa Cruz without a wetsuit?

You’ll need a wetsuit, but not necessarily boots or a hood. Also, sharks are off migrating somewhere else this time of year, so for the most part, there’s no need to be edgy about “the Landlord” (surfers’ affectionate nickname for great whites).

What’s the surf like in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Surfing Insights Well-positioned on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz gets waves year-round. The winter months see large northwest swells roll through and max out wave heights, while in the summer, south swells fill in and provide fun, playful surf conditions.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Santa Cruz?

You don’t need a wetsuit to dip into Santa Cruz’s vibrant surf culture. Mainland U.S. surfing began here in 1885, eons before Jan and Dean serenaded SoCal beach goers. More than a century later, our flourishing surf scene continues to generate waves of excitement.

What is the best time to surf Santa Cruz?

Winter is generally the best time for surfing in Santa Cruz.

What is the water temp in Santa Cruz?

Today’s Santa Cruz Harbour sea temperature is 58 °F.