Is St Ives a good place to holiday?

Is St Ives a good place to holiday?

Holidays in St. Ives are some of the most sought after in England as it’s considered the most beautiful gem in the crown of Cornish resorts. The boundless ocean, rugged cliffs, cosy bays, old buildings, art galleries, and snug restaurants – this is what St. Ives is all about.

How far is St Ives Holiday Park from beach?

St Ives Bay Holiday Park We are a holiday park, but not in the traditional sense. A tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle, large open spaces for children to run and direct access to the 3 miles of Hayle Beach.

Is it better to stay in St Ives or Penzance?

Penzance is on the main line railway, but St Ives has it’s own branch line which is a lovely scenic ride. There are a good selection of pubs in both places, obviously more in Penzance as it’s a bigger town, and if you are after nightclubs, then that would be Penzance as well.

Which is better St Ives or Newquay?

St Ives. Newquay has beautiful beaches but it’s become a bit of a magnet for big groups of young people, drinking. Like a kind of “spring break” destination. Generally St Ives as it has better transport connection and wider range of activities.

Can anyone go to Carbis Bay?

In short, yes. Carbis Bay Beach is privately owned by Carbis Bay Hotel, however anyone can go on the beach at any time. The Carbis Bay Hotel has a beach shop selling beach essentials, as well as a seasonal café directly on the beach, Lower Deck.

Is Carbis Bay a private beach?

Carbis Bay Beach is privately owned and the proud recipient of a Blue Flag award, meaning it is super-clean.

How many beaches are there in St Ives?

Rated the best beaches in the world From iconic sandy beaches to intimate sheltered coves, St. Ives’s 300+ beaches are gloriously varied.

Which is better St Ives or Penzance?

How big is St Ives Bay?

St Ives Bay, 20 square kilometres in area and 7km at its widest extent, is a major sediment sink, with the beaches, dunes and Hayle estuary storing regionally important volumes of sand.

Can you swim at St Ives beach?

From Carbis you can swim at the beach itself, swim around towards St Ives or the other way to Porthkidney (towards high tide). If you’re a swim fan, St Ives is a must visit. With all swims obviously make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions.

Can you swim in St Ives?

Wild sea swimming is a wonderful thing, if done sensibly. We have lots of wild sea swimmers down here in St Ives. You often see little figures ploughing across Porthmeor bay at a rapid speed! Another good place to swim is off the Penzance promenade, between Newlyn and the Jubilee Pool.