Is Suzuki B-King a good motorcycle?

Is Suzuki B-King a good motorcycle?

A lovely road motorcycle, the B-King has loads of torque and is easy to ride despite its size. It’s smooth, has good brakes and its only weakness is its soft rear, which results in a lack of traction when pushing really hard. The B-King very nearly didn’t get made at all.

How fast is the Suzuki B-King?

158 mph
Suzuki B-King

Manufacturer Suzuki
Top speed 158 mph (254 km/h)
Power 181 hp (135 kW) at 9500 rpm 163.9 hp (122 kW) (rear wheel)
Torque 108 lbf⋅ft (146 N⋅m) at 7200 rpm 97.2 lbf⋅ft (131.8 N⋅m) (rear wheel)
Transmission 6-speed, chain-drive

How much is the Suzuki B-King Cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $13,499 $7,715
Options (Add)
Total Price $13,499 $7,715

What does Suzuki B-King stand for?

The B-King originated as a concept vehicle exhibited at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. Complete with supercharger, its title of “Boost-King” was clearly apropos.

How much is a Suzuki B-King 2021?

The Suzuki B-King price is expected to be around Rs. 9.50 Lakhs.

Is Suzuki more reliable than Kawasaki?

They surveyed over 11,000 subscribers and the results were that the most reliable motorcycle brand were (in order): Yamaha, Suzuki/Honda (tied), then Kawasaki….Cross referencing with Consumer Reports.

Motorcycle brand Likelihood of buying same motorcycle brand again
Yamaha 65%
Triumph 63%
Kawasaki 59%
Suzuki 58%

Will Suzuki parts fit a Kawasaki?

Mechanically, the Kawasaki’s and Suzuki’s will share the same parts. For the most part, the Kawasaki/Suzuki alliance will only effect entry level motorcycles like Suzuki’s DRZ125 and DRZ400 and Kawasaki’s KX65.

What motorcycle Did Tom Cruise have in Top Gun?

Kawasaki Ninja
When you’re riding on the Highway to the Danger Zone, you don’t take just any bike. If you’re Tom Cruise in Top Gun, you ride a Kawasaki Ninja. That’s what he rode in the movie 36 years ago, and that’s what he’ll be riding May 27 when Top Gun: Maverick opens in theaters nationwide.

How much does a 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300 B King cost?

2008 Suzuki GSX1300 B-KING 21,150 Miles $7,829 Powerful Naked Design Likes to Pop Wheelies! Suzuki B-King Muscle Bike Is for Motorcycle Riders Who Want to be Noticed! The Suzuki B-King is a Street Fighter.

Is the Suzuki B-King the largest muscle bike ever made?

The B-King is proof of Suzuki’s unequivocal embrace of America’s ‘bigger is better’ mantra. It is the largest, most powerful muscle bike ever manufactured, period. With this one it’s hard to find anything that isn’t big: big power, big brakes, big proportions and big weight.

What ever happened to the Kawasaki B-King?

By the time production was halted in 2012 (ironically it was in development for longer than it was sold) the B-King had gained an unlikely cult following thanks to its bonkers 179bhp motor and unique looks that are easily customised. It’s now more popular than ever – but the supercharged Kawasaki H2 does make you wonder ‘what if…’

Can you change the tyre on a Suzuki B-King?

Some owners have opted to switch the OE 200/50 rear tyre for a 190/55 option to make the bike tip in faster. The Suzuki B-King’s engine comes from the new Hayabusa and produces 164bhp with an arm-ripping 94.5 ftlb of torque.