Is tailor brands any good?

Is tailor brands any good?

Tailor Brands is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but has a C+ rating on the platform. Customer reviews submitted to the BBB site gave Tailor Brands an average rating of 1.04 out of 5 stars, based on more than 20 opinions.

How do I get a refund from tailor brand?

Since we supply you with the ability to preview your logo design in full before purchasing it, we currently do not offer refunds other than in extreme cases (as stated in our Terms Of Service).

Are tailor Brands website builder?

In addition to a custom website builder, merchandising opportunities, business and marketing tools, Tailor Brands offers eCommerce solutions. This makes it possible to sell products/services both online and offline.

How much is Taylor brand?

There are three Tailor Brands subscription plans: Basic: $9.99/month or $3.99/month if you pay for the year upfront. Standard: $19.99/month or $5.99/month if you pay for the year upfront. Premium: $49.99/month or $12.99/ month if you pay for the year upfront.

How do I cancel my tailor brands subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. Log Into your Tailor Brands account.
  2. Click on this link.
  3. Under the relevant Plan that you wish to cancel, click on Deactivate and then click Delete Account.
  4. From this page, you can then let us know why you wish to cancel and finish the cancelation process by selecting Delete Now.

How do I save a logo in tailor brands?

Click on the Save button (which will then change the heart icon color into red), and your logo will be saved within your Draft Brands in your account to come back, edit more, and purchase! For more information about saving your design, watch our video tutorial here.

How do I delete a logo in Tailor Brands?

Log in to your Tailor Brands account. Within the Home Page of your Tailor Studio, click on Edit. Here you will be able to use our Logo Editor to perform edits on your logo including edits to the tagline, color and layout depending on the logo you have.

Can you use logos from tailor brands?

Over to You And we don’t want to brag, but our logo generator makes it easy to use your logo in any situation, both online and in print. Make sure your logo to have your logo in every file type, brand your website and social media with it, put it on swag, and use it to get your name out into the world!