Is Te Arawa an iwi?

Is Te Arawa an iwi?

Te Arawa, first inhabitants of the Rotorua region, is one such iwi.

Who is the chief of Tūhoe?

Te Kooti was the salvation predicted by Tāwhiao, and from 1869 to 1870 Te Whenuanui was one of the Tūhoe chiefs who supported him. Tūhoe experienced the rigours of war when government troops and auxiliaries invaded the Urewera. It was difficult to grow food and crops were destroyed.

What are the 8 tribes of Te Arawa?


  • Hauraki tribes.
  • Māori overseas.
  • Marutūahu tribes.
  • Muaūpoko.
  • Muriwhenua tribes.
  • Ngā Rauru Kītahi.

Is Te Arawa a hapū?

Te Arawa is a confederation of Māori iwi and hapu (tribes and sub-tribes) of New Zealand who trace their ancestry to the Arawa migration canoe (waka).

Are Patupaiarehe real?

Patupaiarehe have been dismissed as simple fairy stories but, in Maoridom, they were and are, very real and only disappeared after the arrival of Pakeha and the destruction of their forest homes. It is said that, in some very remote forests, a few survivors may well still exist.

What iwi is Wairaka?

Ngāti Awa iwi’s
For the past 800 years Ōwairaka has been the Ngāti Awa iwi’s ancestral and spiritual home through their ancestress, Wairaka. Wairaka was born on Ma’uke, the most easterly of Rarotonga’s islands. She was the daughter of the chief Toroa. She held mana, imbued beauty and is the common ancestor of many tribes today.

Who is Awanuiarangi?

He was a descendant of Toroa (captain of the Mataatua canoe). The central figure is the explorer Toitehuatahi. Here, he is likened to the centre’s chief executive Gary Hook, who is fishing for academic qualifications rather than fish.

Is Te Arawa an iwi or hapū?

Te Arawa is a confederation of Māori iwi and hapu (tribes and sub-tribes) of New Zealand who trace their ancestry to the Arawa migration canoe (waka). The tribes are based in the Rotorua and Bay of Plenty areas and have a population of around 40,000.

Can Maori people have blonde hair?

Patupaiarehe are supernatural beings (he iwi atua) in Māori mythology that are described as pale to fair skinned with blonde hair or red hair, usually having the same stature as ordinary people, and never tattooed….Patupaiarehe.

Grouping Spirit
Country New Zealand

Who was here before the Māori?

Before that time and until the 1920s, however, a small group of prominent anthropologists proposed that the Moriori people of the Chatham Islands represented a pre-Māori group of people from Melanesia, who once lived across all of New Zealand and were replaced by the Māori.

What iwi is Opotiki?

Ō: place of; Pōtiki, the ancestor of the iwi that bears his name. In full it was Pōtiki-mai-tawhiti (tawhiti signifying that he came from afar, namely Hawaiki). A nearby spring was called Ō-Pōtiki-mai-tawhiti, the name eventually being transferred to the township.

Who is Wairaka mother?

Wairaka was the daughter of Toroa, captain of the Mataatua canoe.