Is the Blue Man Group worth it?

Is the Blue Man Group worth it?

Overall, the ticket prices were not worth the whole experience when a majority of the performance was simply the Blue Men confusingly walk around doing mildly entertaining things. Although student tickets are $35, the experience as a whole wasn’t worth that either.

What age is Blue Man Group appropriate for?

Blue Man Group is appropriate for of all ages but children under 3 are not recommended due to percussive music. Those 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over.

Is the Blue Man Group worth seeing in Vegas?

We did not really like Blue Man Group. I found a lot of the scenes too long, and a lot of the show somewhat repetitive. I mean, I don’t regret going, but I would not recommend it to anyone, unless you were maybe a kid. I would take the money.

What should I wear to a Blue Man Group concert?

Re: what to wear to blue man group? As with all shows- people wear anything from shorts/tees, jeans, business casual, formalwear-even wedding gowns! Most do seem to take the middle road but you will see everything and anything at a show. Jeans and a shirt will be fine.

What is covered in Blue Man Group?

neon paint
Spoiler alert: They actually have eyebrows! Long before Tobias tried to make himself blue on Arrested Development, three men covered themselves in neon paint and made a name for themselves (even if they rarely talk). We’re talking about the Blue Man Group, of course.

Do Blue Men ever speak?

The Blue Men themselves do not speak — they communicate completely non-verbally, through music, motion and color.

How much does a member of the Blue Man Group make?

Earn $1,000 per Week as a Member of Blue Man Group.

How long is the stomp performance?

approximately one hour and 45 minutes
A: The show runs approximately one hour and 45 minutes, and does not include an intermission. Q: I love the cast members of STOMP.

Are the Blue Man Group still alive?

They are mute during shows and always appear in groups of three. The company has continuing shows in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York City. A typical production employs seven to nine full-time Blue Men who are selected by audition.

Can you take photos at Blue Man Group?

The blue man group prohibits photographs during the show but Because the Astor Place is such a historic theater the permit photos before and after the show.

Does the Blue Man Group still exist?

Blue Man Group is still performing to sold-out crowds in its original location. Experience the show where it first began—up close and personal—at the intimate Astor Place Theatre in downtown New York City.