Is the DC Circulator free?

Is the DC Circulator free?

Fares and Payment Information The base fare for DC Circulator rides is $1 per person, per trip. Discounts available for seniors and students.

Do DC buses run 24 hours?

Metrobus operates 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week with approximately 1,500 buses. Service intervals vary by time of day and by weekday/weekend to meet demand.

Is there an app for the DC Circulator?

Find the nearest Circulator stop to your location using the new interactive map, powered by DDOT’s RideDC App. Download the App to any iPhone or Android device.

Does DC metro card work on circulator?

SmarTrip® Card – This is a permanent, rechargeable farecard you can use to pay fares and transfers on Circulator, Metrobus, Metrorail and more. To board a bus with a SmarTrip® card, simply tap your card on the fare box when you enter the front door.

Does DC Circulator take metro card?

The DC Circulator Bus allows you to travel all you want by purchasing unlimited-trip passes before you board the bus. The passes are only valid on DC Circulator buses. They cannot be used on Metro or Metrobus.

Are there free buses in Washington DC?

There are two main bus options to travel around the city: DC Circulator: The DC Circulator provides free, frequent service around the National Mall, between Union Station and Georgetown, and between the Convention Center and the National Mall.

Can you use SmarTrip on DC Circulator?

Is Georgetown bus free?

GUTS buses operate between 5:00 am and midnight, and all buses are free. See the schedules and stop locations for the five routes below. Buses with handicapped access are available on all GUTS routes. Contact OTM at (202) 687-4372 for assistance.

Where is the best place to sit on a Megabus?

Which are the best seats on a Megabus?

  • The upper floor’s ceiling is lower than the bottom, so some people prefer to sit below.
  • Some prefer window seats since the view is better and you can lean against the window to sleep.
  • Some prefer aisle seats since you can get up and move around more easily.

Can you sleep on the megabus?

Equipped with reclining seats, seat belts, and air conditioning, megabus night transit buses make it easy to fall asleep with peace of mind.