Is the Remington Versa Max still being made?

Is the Remington Versa Max still being made?

It is chambered to use 12 gauge shells of 23⁄4 inches (7.0 cm), 3 inches (7.6 cm), and 31⁄2 inches (8.9 cm) in length. It was named the shotgun of the year for 2011 by American Rifleman….

Remington Versa Max
Produced 2010–present
Variants Sportsman, Tactical
Mass 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) (26″)

When did the Remington Versa Max come out?

When we introduced the VERSA MAX shotgun in 2010, we shattered convention and all previous benchmarks for reliability and performance with an autoloading action unlike any that came before it. Building on the award-winning platform of the VERSA MAX, Remington proudly announces the new VERSA MAX Sportsman.

Is the Remington Versa Max a good shotgun?

The Versa Max has emerged as one of the favorite 3 gun shotguns because: It’s much cheaper than a Benelli M2 and the Beretta 1301 Comp. It’s reliable, even with cheap target loads. It’s very soft shooting due to the gas action and weight.

How much is a Versa Max Worth?

Plus $25 flat-rate shipping Australia-wide. Forget paying nearly $1,000 for all of these tools, save money, space and weight with the VersaMax. Look at everything you get for only $349: Drill and Driver.

What is the difference between the Versa Max and Versa Max sportsman?

The VERSA MAX Sportsman comes equipped with all the performance features of the Versa Port operating system, but has a few distinct differences from the original VERSA MAX in order to allow it to enter the market with a lower MSRP. The Sportsman comes with a standard synthetic stock, with no overmold or comb insert.

What is the difference between the Remington Versa Max and the Versa Max sportsman?

Is the Remington Versa Max gas or inertia?

TESTED AND PROVEN WITH THOUSANDS OF ROUNDS. The Versaport dual piston system runs cleaner than a traditional down bore gas system, giving you both the soft recoil of a gas system and the reliability of inertia operated guns.

What is the best shotgun in 2021?

Best Semi-auto Shotguns for 2021

  • Browning Maxus II.
  • Benelli 3-inch Super Black Eagle.
  • Stoeger 3500 Snow Goose.
  • Franchi Affinity 3 Turkey Elite.
  • Winchester SXP Hybrid Hunter.
  • Stevens 320 Turkey Thumbhole.
  • Fabarm Autumn.
  • Syren Julia Sporting.

When did the Remington V3 come out?

The Remington V3 is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun introduced by Remington Arms in 2015. It is chambered to use 12 gauge shells of 23⁄4 inches (7.0 cm) or 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length. It was recognized as an editor’s choice by Sports Afield in 2015.

What guns is Remington pro bore for?

Remington Pro Bore

  • 10 Gauge Choke Tubes. Browning Invector 10GA.
  • 12 Gauge Choke Tubes. American Arms. Benelli CRIO-CRIO Plus. Beretta – Benelli Mobil.
  • 20 Gauge Choke Tubes. American Arms 20ga. Benelli Crio-Crio Plus 20ga. Beretta Optima HP 20ga.
  • 28 Gauge Choke Tubes. Benelli Crio-Crio Plus 28ga. Beretta Optima HP 28ga.

What’s the difference between V3 and Versa Max?

Unlike the Versa Max, the V3 is chambered only for 23/4- and 3-inch shells. The receiver is shorter than that of the Versa Max, which shortens the length of reach. That gives the perception of shortening the length of pull, even though its 14.25-inch LOP is the same as the Versa Max.

Is Remington V3 the same as Versa Max?

What does a Browning A5 weigh?

The 3 ½-inch A5 has an alloy receiver and weighs just 6 ¾ pounds.