Is the Transalp reliable?

Is the Transalp reliable?

The Honda XL650V Transalp’s motor is very reliable. It’s in a soft state of tune and, provided it’s regularly serviced, should go on forever. The older 600cc should be checked closely for worn wheel bearings, the suspension bearings in the Pro-Link shock, rusty exhausts and loose or broken spokes.

What happened to Transalp?

Honda cancelled its previous US-market rights to the name back in 2016, but this month the firm has filed a new application to protect the name over in the States, saying it’s for use on ‘motorcycles and motorcycle structural parts’.

Will there be a Tenere 900?

Now it finally appears this wish will be granted in the form of a Yamaha Tenere 900, which French publication Moto-Station reports is currently in development and could be unveiled in the coming weeks.

What is the seat height of an Africa Twin?

The standard seat of the Africa Twin can move into 2 positions providing a height of 850mm or 870mm. The low Seats lower the seat height by 25mm (825mm or 845mm).

What is a Transalp?

. . Designed to offer a uniquely European riding experience, the famous Transalp provides a balance of fun and adventure in a compact, easy handling package of performance. Its fully integrated bodywork and intelligently conceived accommodations provide a remarkably high level of day-to-day riding and touring comfort.

Why buy a 2005 long-legged Transalp?

If your search for riding fun sometimes takes you off the beaten path, then the long-legged Transalp might be just the bike you need to get you where you want to go. Giving stronger emphasis to the Transalp’s sporty and adventurous nature, the new 2005 model features new detailing touches that really catch the eye.

Why choose a Transalp XL700V?

Build quality from the Montesa plant near Barcelona is impressive and the Transalp has a well-deserved reputation for durability. The XL700V is a great round-towner, despite its wide bodywork – but it’s even better on the back roads taking you to places few people go.

How good is the new Honda Transalp?

The new Transalp will pick up smoothly from 2750rpm so it can be used as a balanced, if bulky, commuter. Throttle response is, in fact, good throughout the rev range; as with most Hondas, there’s no power band as such, but the engine becomes more energetic – and noticeably vibratious – above 6500rpm.