Is there a hay shortage in California?

Is there a hay shortage in California?

The report was published in Imperial County Agricultural Crop & Livestock Report 2020. “The drought in northern California has resulted in the shortage of hay,” said Pat Dockstader, owner of P Enterprises based in Calipatria.

How much does a ton of hay cost in California?

Returns. A price of $225 per ton for premium hay is based on current USDA California 2019-2020 averages over all grades for the Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valley market districts.

How much is a bail of hay in CA?

On average, a bale of hay costs around $15. For example, two wired Alfalfa Hay bales typically run high, costing $19.95 apiece, whereas bermudagrass is only $8.75. Timothy Hay is the most expensive, typically costing at least $20 a bale.

Why is hay in short supply?

The hay shortage isn’t limited to the U.S. In China, hay producers are suffering from flooding. Shipping hay overseas has been difficult. The logistics of pandemic-scrambled shipping schedules and the heavy demand for containers to haul U.S. imports are making it challenging to ship hay back to Asia, he says.

What Will hay cost in 2022?

Hay Market Demand and Price Report for the Upper Midwest – for February 14, 2022

Hay Grade Bale type ———- Price ($/ton) ———-
Large Square $219.00
Large Round $191.00
Grade 1 (125 to 150 RFV/RFQ) Small Square $196.00
Large Square $171.00

Why is hay going up in price?

However, that changed in 2021 as the drought had more of an impact on areas of the country affecting hay production and increased demand for hay resulting in significantly higher prices as seen in the chart below. All hay stocks at the end of last year reached a ten-year low.

How much does a bale of hay cost in Arizona?

On average, you can expect to pay between $10 and $18 for alfalfa and between $14 and $20 for Bermuda grass hay in Arizona. At Conway Feed, alfalfa hay is available for $10-13.50 and Bermuda grass hay for $15.

Is there going to be a hay shortage in 2021?

When it comes to purchasing hay this year, John Bland says, “[Horse owners] are between a rock and a hard place.

Is there a hay shortage 2021?

While many won’t be needing hay until the winter months, they are concerned about whether there will be affordable hay later this year and early in 2021. “There is a hay shortage. We have had a hay shortage for at least 18 months,” Hanson said.

Is hay in high demand?

Metzler sells hay to customers across the East Coast. He said demand remains strong due in large part to the equine industry. Hay prices remain strong heading into the 2021 season, and small squares are particularly high due to the labor involved to make them.