Is there a Hungarian minority in Ukraine?

Is there a Hungarian minority in Ukraine?

The Hungarians in Ukraine (Hungarian: Ukrajnai magyarok, Ukrainian: Угорці в Україні) number 156,600 people according to the Ukrainian census of 2001 and are the fifth largest national minority in the country. They are the seventh biggest Hungarian diaspora in the world.

Is Ukraine part of Hungary?

For nearly a thousand years the region belonged to Hungary. But in the 20th century alone it passed from Czechoslovakia, through Hungary again, to the Soviet Union, and finally an independent Ukraine, with a short-lived Romanian occupation in 1919 and the quasi-independent state of Carpatho-Ukraine in 1938-1939.

How many Hungarians are there in Ukraine?

156,600 people
Today the Hungarian minority in Ukraine is 156,600 people strong. They constitute 12.1% of the population (12.7% when the native language is concerned) of the Transcarpathia region. In some cities such as Berehovo and Chop ethnic Hungarians make up for almost a half of the population.

How many Hungarians live in Transcarpathia?

A survey done by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in 2017 found that the number of Hungarians living in Transcarpathia was around 125 thousand. If we add the Romani Hungarians, that number rises to 131 thousand. Five years passed, and living conditions did not improve. Thus, their number probably continued to fall.

How many Hungarians are in Slovakia?

422,065 people
Hungarians are the largest ethnic minority in Slovakia. According to the 2021 Slovak census, 422,065 people (or 7.75% of the population) declared themselves Hungarians, while 462,175 (8.48% of the population) stated that Hungarian was their mother tongue.

Why did Ukraine get Transcarpathia?

Transcarpathia, which had reverted from Hungary to Czechoslovakia in 1944, was ceded to Ukraine in 1945 by a Czech-Soviet government agreement. In 1945 Ukraine became a charter member of the United Nations and subsequently became a signatory of peace treaties with Germany’s wartime allies—Italy, Finland,…