Is there a recall on Dunlop motorcycle tires?

Is there a recall on Dunlop motorcycle tires?

The following report is filed with the NHTSA: THE RECALL: Sumitomo Rubber USA, LLC (Sumitomo) is recalling a small number of Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ motorcycle tires, size 120/70ZR17 58W. The affected tires may have been undercured during weeks 17 and 18 of 2017 due to an abnormal condition with a curing press.

How long do Continental motorcycle tires last?

10 years
Continental recommends replacing all tires more than 10 years old – as per their stamped manufacturing date – with younger ones.

What does Dunlop manufacture?

Dunlop is a brand of tyre originally produced by the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company from the end of the 19th century, taking its name from John Boyd Dunlop. The brand is used for many other products made from rubber or with rubber components and some with a looser connection to rubber.

Has Michelin tires been recalled?

Michelin Recalls 140 Pilot Sport 4 ZP Tires Sold in U.S. and Canada. Michelin North America, Inc., has initiated a recall of 150 MICHELINĀ® Pilot Sport 4 ZPĀ® 225/35ZR19 96Y XL tires that were sold into the U.S. and Canadian markets, beginning in February 2021.

How often should you replace your motorcycle tires?

every 5-6 years
As with most consumables, tires have a shelf life. Motorcycle tire manufacturers advise that even if a tire has lots of remaining treads, the drying out of the tire’s multiple rubber compounds means it will need replacing every 5-6 years.

Who are Douglas tires made by?

the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Douglas Tires are manufactured by The Kelly Springfield manufacturer. Douglas is also a subsidiary of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and they began manufacturing tires in 1992. All of the tires listed are affordable and they are all backed with a minimum 40-45,000-mile tread wear warranty.

Are Michelin tires good quality?

Michelin’s all-season tires is a good fit. Michelin has developed a reputation for making quality, competitive tires. They’re a strong contender in the global market, and they’re one of the best brands. Tires manufacturers have to try to find a good balance between durability, grip, and noise control.

How long does a recall take?

4. How Long Will It Take To Get The Recall Repaired? It depends on what the recall is on. Something such as a software update may only take a few minutes but a recall on brakes can usually take a few hours.