Is there a shuttle to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas?

Is there a shuttle to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas?

The Boulder City Express shuttle links most major Las Vegas Strip and Downtown resorts with Hoover Dam. The shuttle bus (which is operated by National Parks Express) also stops in Boulder City (the downtown historic district is a cool place to visit), the Lake Mead Visitor Center, and the marina.

How much is a tour to the Hoover Dam?

Tours available daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dam Tour $30.00 (Must be 8 years of age or older. This tour is not handicap accessible.)…Ticket Sale Information.

Category Price
Adults (Ages 17 – 61) $15.00
Seniors (62+) $12.00
Juniors (ages 4 – 16) $12.00
U.S. Military (with ID) $12.00

Is a Hoover Dam tour worth it?

This is a great tour, you have the choice of two tours. Depending on the time and amount of interest you have in the dam. It is a great tour with interesting history. Plan on going early in the day to avoid long waits (remember you have to go thru security).

Which tour is best for Hoover Dam?

To sum up, these are the 7 best Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas:

  • Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas by helicopter.
  • Hoover Dam bus tour.
  • Hoover Dam small-group tour.
  • Bus tour to Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon West.
  • Small-group tour to Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon South.
  • Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, & 7 Magic Mountains.

Can I visit Hoover Dam without a tour?

Yes, you can walk around the Dam. The tours are optional. You can also take a trail that get you to the bride that’s on the highway so you can get a full view of the Dam without be on it.

What can you do for free at the Hoover Dam?

For free you can visit the walkway over the new Highway 93 bridge here that gives you fantastic views of the front of the dam. There is a free parking lot & restrooms here. There is also a handicapped ramp from the parking lot to the bridge walkway.

Can you still walk across Hoover Dam?

The dam is not open to through-traffic. The roadway on the Arizona side of the site has been closed. Vehicles can still cross the dam to visit the Arizona viewpoints and concessions, but all are required to turn around and re-enter Nevada to access Highway 93.

How far apart are the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam?

The total driving distance from Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon is 247 miles or 398 kilometers. Your trip begins in Hoover Dam, Nevada. It ends in Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Can I see the Hoover Dam without a tour?

Can you see Hoover Dam without paying?

It costs nothing to visit Hoover Dam. There is a charge to take a tour and see the visitor center. Admission to the visitor center is included with a tour, or can be purchased separately.

How much time should you spend at the Hoover Dam?

about 2 hours
It is self-guided and takes about 2 hours if you really stop to look at and read everything (less if you’re a skimmer). The more extensive Hoover Dam Tour includes the self-guided portion but adds an hour-long guided tour into the deeper recesses of the facility.