Is there an app for Barcelona metro?

Is there an app for Barcelona metro?

TMB stands for Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona, which runs public transport in the city. The app has bus and metro times, operating hours, maps, alerts and everything else you need for your journeys around Barcelona.

Does the Barcelona metro run 24 hours?

The metro in Barcelona operates from 5 am to midnight from Sunday until Thursday. On Friday the subway opens until 2 am and on Saturday and other public holidays, the metro is open 24 hours a day.

What time does Barcelona metro close?

Barcelona Metro schedule

Type of day Operating hours
From Monday to Thursday and midweek public holidays From 05:00 to midnight
Fridays and the nights before public holidays From 05:00 to 02:00
Saturdays Start: at 5.00 hours; continuous service throughout Saturday to Sunday night

Can I pay by card in Barcelona?

Most shops have a sticker in the window showing which cards and contactless payment methods they accept. VISA, MasterCard and Maestro are the most widely accepted cards in Barcelona.

How long metro ticket is valid in Barcelona?

Monthly validity The 30 days are calculated taking into consideration the entire day of the first validation, plus the following 29 days. The pass is therefore valid until the service closes on the last day. If the metro service closes after midnight on the last day, it will be valid until 3.59 h of the following day.

Is the Barcelona metro safe?

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Spain and before the Covid pandemic the city welcomed around 9 million tourists a year. Public transport, metro and taxis are also generally considered safe from violent crime – and reliable for residents and tourists to use.

Is the metro in Barcelona underground?

This page contains essential information on the Barcelona metro underground system. Important update: On 01 January 2020 the T10 ticket transport ticket was discontinued and replaced by the T-Casual ticket. Click here to learn more.