Is Uchigatana good in Dark Souls 2?

Is Uchigatana good in Dark Souls 2?

The Uchigatana can prove to be a solid, reliable weapon for Dexterity centered builds throughout the whole course of the game. Requiring only 10 Strength, and 16 Dexterity, the Uchigatana has the lowest requirements of all available katanas in Dark Souls II.

What’s the best katana in Dark Souls 2?

Due to its insane counter damage and highest base damage amongst all dark Souls 2 katanas, the Chaos Blade takes the crown for being the best Dark Souls 2 katana. The Chaos blade outputs insane amounts of damage and has very high counter damage which makes it a devastating PvP weapon.

How good is blacksteel katana ds2?

The Blacksteel, unlike every other katana, can reliably pull off a brutally powerful 4-hit combo via a 2-handed R1 + R1 + R2 (rollcatch or stunlock extender depending on the opponent’s Adp) + R2 that can easily kill or almost kill anyone (especially when factoring in that 150 Counter modifier).

Is the Uchigatana strong?

Uchigatana is a Katanas in Elden Ring. The Uchigatana scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity and is a good Weapon for Piercing and Slash Damage in combat. A katana with a long single-edged curved blade….

Wgt. 5.5 Passive (45)

Is the Chaos Blade better than Uchigatana?

When two handing all the katanas with 27 strength, 40 dex, and 10 humanity, the Chaos Blade only does 30 more damage than the Uchigatana. Also the Uchigatana and Iaito have better movesets, and plus they are buffable which makes them do more damage anyways.

Is katana good in Dark Souls?

Of all the weapon classes in Dark Souls 3, Katanas are arguably the best choice for Dexterity builds, for all 8 that can be obtained offer moderate to excellent scaling in this stat when upgraded.

Is Uchigatana better than longsword?

But the Uchigatana is longer, does more damage, bleeds, and deals slash instead of standard physical damage (most armor seems to resist standard the most). It appears to have the same speed and has a thrusting R2, which is one of the main appeals of the longsword over the broadsword.

Is the Uchigatana better than the meteoric ore blade?

The Meteoric Ore Blade is another form of Uchigatana, but it is a lot more lethal. This weapon has both dex and magic scaling, which is something that casters might enjoy a lot.