Is Vanguard Total World Stock ETF good?

Is Vanguard Total World Stock ETF good?

Note that a traditional mutual fund version of the same fund, Vanguard Total World Stock Index (VTWSX), is equally good, except the investor shares of the mutual fund are more expensive—a 0.21% fee versus 0.11% for the ETF. Stocks with large market capitalizations dominate the fund.

Is VT stock a good buy?

Today VT ranks #3143 as buy candidate.

What stocks are in VT ETF?

VT Top 10 Holdings[View All]

  • Apple Inc. 3.52%
  • Microsoft Corporation 3.03%
  •, Inc. 1.56%
  • Tesla Inc 1.05%
  • Alphabet Inc. Class A 0.99%
  • Alphabet Inc. Class C 0.93%
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B 0.70%
  • UnitedHealth Group Incorporated 0.69%

Is VT a buy or sell?

Zacks proprietary quantitative models divide each set of ETFs following a similar investment strategy (style box/industry/asset class) into three risk categories- High, Medium, and Low….Zacks Premium Research for VT.

Zacks Rank Definition
1 Strong Buy
2 Buy
3 Hold
4 Sell

Is VT accumulating or distributing?

Based on this frequency, you will receive your dividends every quarter. Different companies may distribute dividends on different months. However, VT will only distribute it to you each quarter.

Will VT outperform VTI?

Looking at the past decade of returns, VTI has far outpaced VXUS and thus outpaced VT. Even if you account for risk and volatility, VTI still comes out on top. VT is dragged down by the international segment. According to a back test that includes the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis, VTI outperforms VT across every metric.

Is VT better than VXUS?

Both VT and VXUS are ETFs. VT has a higher 5-year return than VXUS (8.69% vs 4.19%). VT and VXUS have the same expense ratio (0.07%)….

Dividend Yield 1.65% 3.28%
Underlying Index FTSE Global All Cap Net TR US RIC FTSE Global All Cap ex US Net US RIC
YTD Return -13.01% -11.11%

Is VT ETF a good buy?

VT is a good low-cost and easy way to invest passively in stocks with a long-term time horizon. Investors that already hold U.S. stocks may find VT offers only limited benefits of portfolio diversification since the fund includes a large allocation to widely held mega-cap companies.

How much of VT is VOO?

There is an overlap between VOO and VT that includes 506 stocks. Roughly 99% of VOO’s holdings are in VT, and 5% of VT’s holdings are in VOO.

Does VT pay a dividend?

VT Dividend Information VT has a dividend yield of 2.21% and paid $1.96 per share in the past year. The dividend is paid every three months and the last ex-dividend date was Mar 21, 2022.

Should I buy accumulating or distributing ETF?

Accumulating ETFs are the best choice as they automatically reinvest your income back into the fund at no extra expense. This compounds your returns, saves you time and spares you dealing fees.

Is VT better than VOO?

VT vs VOO Performance VT and VOO have had different performance returns over the last 10 years, with VOO beating VT by 4.47% annually. That is a significant difference, especially when considering compound interest on those returns. As you can see, VOO and the S&P 500 have outperformed VT over the years.

Is VT stock safe?

With over 9,000 holdings, it is vastly diversified by sector and by geography. For investors who are not fond of the research involved in choosing individual stocks, this ETF is a fairly safe choice.

Is VT just VTI and VXUS?

VT is not actually a combination of VTI and VXUS. Rather than being a “fund of funds” holding just VTI and VXUS, it holds 9287 separate stocks.

What percentage of VT is international?

Taking a look at 60-day correlation for the past decade, VT already has incredibly high correlation with VTI, typically above 95%. Even in the drops, there is still above 80% correlation. This is unsurprising given that the 40% international segment as measured by VXUS was typically above 80% correlation with VTI.