Is We the Kings emo?

Is We the Kings emo?

We the King’s music style has generally been regarded as pop punk, pop rock, alternative rock, emo, power pop, emo pop and pop.

Is Charles Trippy still in We The Kings?

He is a member of Bradenton-based rock band We the Kings. Trippy recorded his first album with We the Kings, titled Somewhere Somehow in 2013. The album peaked at no. 44 on Billboard 200….

Charles Trippy
Years active 2008–present
Genre Vlog
Subscribers 1.4 Million
Total views 798 Million 2010 2013

What genre is We the Kings?

PopWe The Kings / Genre

How old are the Regrettes?

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” The quote feels especially apt for L.A.-based quartet The Regrettes, whose band members include 15-year-old frontwoman Lydia Night, 17-year-old drummer Maxx Morando, 19-year-old guitarist Genessa Gariano, and 18-year-old Sage Chavis.

Why did Charles and Alli divorce?

Charles posted the video to the CTFxC channel telling subscribers that he and wife Alli had separated and that the decision was mutual. Charles said that there was no cheating involved and that they were just not getting along. The two got married on November 20, 2011 at the Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota, Florida.

Is the band Atreyu named after NeverEnding Story?

Independent years (1998–2000) Originally named Retribution, the band changed their name to “Atreyu” after the character of the same name from Michael Ende’s fantasy book The Neverending Story. The name change came because of a change of members and a progression in their musical styling.

Are the Regrettes LGBT?

Now, they hope that the track can be as meaningful to others as well. “As a queer person growing up, it definitely felt like there weren’t many songs I could relate to fully, and I feel like this song would have been something I would have held really close to my heart as a kid,” Gariano says.

Who is Alli Speed?

Allison Rose “Alli” Speed (born: August 13, 1989 (1989-08-13) [age 32]), is an American YouTuber and vlogger. She is perhaps best known for her highly publicized relationship with Charles Trippy, as well as her affiliation with the CTFxC YouTube channel.

What kind of metal is Atreyu?

‘Atreyu’ is an American metal core band with melodic death metal and hardcore influences from Orange County, California….

Genres Metalcore
Years active 1998–2011 (on hiatus)
Labels Tribunal, Victory, Hollywood, Roadrunner

Is Atreyu a metal?

Atreyu is an American metalcore band from Yorba Linda, California, formed in 1998. The band currently consists of clean vocalist Brandon Saller, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist and unclean vocalist Marc “Porter” McKnight, and drummer Kyle Rosa.