Is XLR8 faster than Quicksilver?

Is XLR8 faster than Quicksilver?

This means just like XLR8, Quicksilver is at least 670,600,000 MPH at top speeds. Because I gave XLR8 the speed of light as his “minimum” top speed but Quicksilver’s speed of light as his current official top speed, I actually think XLR8 is probably faster then him!

Who would win in a fight Ben 10 vs Goku?

With his Super Sayain Forms, Goku has quite a large advantage. Forms like Super Sayain God basically stopped him from being harmed by Heatblast and Grey Matter, this made it very likely that Goku if he is starting to get beaten, He could just crank up his power and overpower all of Ben’s Aliens.

What do Marvel and DC fans think of Ben 10?

Ben is extremely OP when compared to countless characters from both Marvel and DC. I loved Ben 10 growing up and I still do today. I was only a fan of the original tv series and Ben 10: Alien Force but I remember running around with my toy omnitrix as a child and pretending my Grandparents caravan was the Rust Bucket.

Who is the strongest villain in Ben 10?

#1 – Albedo Not only can he transform into them, he transforms into the prime of that species making him as strong as the strongest members. Albedo was introduced into the series all the way back in Ben 10: Alien Force.

Can Waybig beat Superman?

Can Waybig from Ben 10 fight against Superman? He has the same powers like him, super strength, super speed, flight, lasers, and creation of cosmic storms. Sadly no. Waybig can be incredibly strong but he is not on the sam level as Superman is.

Can ben10 beat Thor?

Absolutely. Depending on which version of ben ten we use. If it’s him as a kid sadly he loses. If it’s after he has master of the Omnitrix he wins pretty easily.

Can ben10 defeat Superman?

Without question, yes. In fact, Ben 10 is so strong, he doesn’t even need to use his strongest alien, Alien X to take out the Man of Steel. Actually, even one of Ben’s weaker aliens, being Whampire, can take out Superman, because he can take control over Superman’s mind and force Superman into submission.