Should I block WAN ping on my router?

Should I block WAN ping on my router?

You should not have any issue at all by disabling “ping”. The so called Ping is just another term for “IMCP Echo Request” or “ICMP Echo Reply” where ICMP is network protocol. If you “ping” something you send an Request to this machine. If the machine picks up such Request Package it answers with an ICMP Echo Reply.

What is WAN ping block mode?

When you “Block WAN Ping”, you are causing the public WAN IP address on the Broadband Router to not respond to ping commands. Pinging public WAN IP addresses is a common method used by hackers to test whether your WAN IP address is valid and supports a network.

Should I allow ping from WAN?

There is no benefit to allowing ping on the WAN. Basically a ping means that the router and the IP addressed assigned to your modem will respond back to a “ping” from outside your home network.

How do I enable WAN ping?


  1. Navigate to System>Administration>Remote Admin.
  2. Select the check box for “Allow WAN pings”

Should I disable WAN port ping gaming?

One of the common scanning methods is Ping. If one device respond, it means that the device is active and can be an attacking target. Thus, set to ignore Ping Packets from WAN Port can hide our devices from hackers’ targets.

What is WAN IP settings?

A WAN address is the IP address that your router uses to connect to the Internet. It is different from IP addresses of computers and devices on a local network, because the WAN IP is essentially shared by all the devices.

What does WAN do on router?

A WAN port is used to connect to an internet source, such as a broadband modem. The WAN allows the router to connect to the internet and share that connection with all the Ethernet-ready devices connected to it.

Should multicast be enabled?

The benefit of higher multicast rate is to lower the amount of wireless collisions that your wifi data may have. The biggest effect is seen only when you run multiple media streaming devices or services at the same time. First off, the best setting for multicast rate for your router is usually the lowest amount.

What happens if you block ICMP?

Disabling ICMP can cause network issues If Path MTU Discovery is unable to function, excessively large packets may be transmitted without fragmentation and will fail to reach the destination. This will lead to a retransmission loop with the same MTU only to be dropped again and again.

Should I Enable respond to ping on Internet port?

If the Respond to Ping on Internet port check box is enabled on the router’s WAN screen, it allows the WAN IP address to be pinged by anyone from the external network, which make it easy for hackers to find and possibly attack your network.

How fast is a WAN?

Traits of a Typical WAN: Use public infrastructure to transmit data such as phone lines, cable lines, leased lines, and satellite. Far slower than LANs, the typical WAN speed is 150 Mbp/s. Some WANs can reach 1 Gigabit speeds, but this is not the norm.

Why should you block ping?

Disabling ping does not meaningfully increase security; it only makes troubleshooting and network monitoring much more difficult. If turning off ping increases network security, it only slightly slows down the most basic and unskilled cyber hacker. All other services such as HTTP(S), FTP, SMB, etc.