The Nature of Writing Services for Argumentative Essays

The majority of writing agencies students can buy argumentative essay from requiring their employees to provide a diploma as well as complete a test task to assure high-end quality but from the student perspective, it is harder to realize and evaluate the potential quality of their paper before the service is done. Thankfully, a number of agencies only allows for the final transaction after the paper is approved by the consumer.

The first idea that needs to be shortly addressed is how the argumentative essay is defined. It is a very widespread task for any school and university and the abundance of writing tasks as well as lack of time results in a big number of students using a variety of online services to reduce the strain. Ultimately these services allow you to purchase a complete study paper but there are details that need to be addressed.

Service variety

Most organizations or freelancers that provide writing services have a number of them varied by the price and the usual list is as follows:

  1. Writing from scratch;
  2. Revising and editing;
  3. Rewriting.

While most of them can be used for education if the subject is not prioritized, editing is considered the most helpful as it is based on student’s work and allows for self-improvement, while writing is the most expensive.

It is also a fact that most of the agencies hold a significant amount of employees to be able to cover a wide range of topics and quality and satisfy the most different requirements from high school essays to PhD.

Evaluating potential quality

Any argumentative essay writing service, whether it is an agency of freelance writer is defined first and foremost by the quality of the end product and for the student, it is of major importance to be able to evaluate the services in advance to increase their chances of avoiding low-quality results and wasting finances and time.

The abundance of the writing services some of them represent a fraud that is either unable to present any paper or is only able to present a low quality work that will rival the abilities of the student at best. However, there are some signs that will allow realizing the low quality of such service beforehand:

  1. Exceptionally low prices. Every work needs to be paid accordingly and in most cases, if the price is extremely low, one might expect either lack of respect towards deadlines or corresponding quality of the essay. However, some companies only accept payment after completing the job, but using them still presents potential risks regarding the quality;
  2. Lack of samples. Being rather self-explanatory, the real agency will look to present a smaller portfolio to both assure their customer of the quality and keep their work from being plagiarized;
  3. Payment in advance. This is an old scheme and most writing services refuse this practice to create a more trusting relationship between the business and consumers and instead only require a smaller deposit.

Effect on education

It is not a secret that a huge amount of students from all educational institutions use services to complete some part of their work. While from the academic writing standpoint this cannot be accepted as anything other than presenting someone else’s work, there are many cases that allow students themselves to justify doing so.

This is likely to be a general consequence of a more global issue in the education system, especially when universities and professors tend to value grades and end quality of the paper over learning process which drives students towards using the most efficient methods of writing such a paper.

Apart from that using such services have a number of direct benefits that make student life easier:

  1. It can improve the knowledge of academic writing, its formats and the difference in the vocabulary used, potentially eliminating the need to refer to a guide for every single quote;
  2. It gives a different perspective on a subject which may stimulate new ideas for writing student’s own argumentative essay later;
  3. It gives an example of a high-quality argumentative essay which provides the student with useful information on how to improve the quality of their own further works;
  4. It is original which means it is not only a summary of several sources a student can read through but can be used in bigger work or by itself without being plagiarized.