Was 2012 Bordeaux a good vintage?

Was 2012 Bordeaux a good vintage?

2012 Vintage – Bordeaux The 2012 vintage for Bordeaux was small and difficult at times, but not without moments of greatness. Spring was tricky, with damp conditions – April was extraordinarily wet – delaying both budburst and flowering, the latter finally occurred in June.

Is 2012 a good year for French wine?

The 2012 vintage was hit-and-miss globally, with few regions delivering truly great wines but many good wines were still produced. For France, most regions enjoyed a good year with Bordeaux, Burgundy and Beaujolais all producing solid offerings – although for Sauternes the year was catastrophically bad.

How long can you age Bordeaux?

Can all Bordeaux age? No way. Young white Bordeaux should be consumed within a few years and less expensive red Bordeaux is meant to be consumed within 5 years. Don’t hold onto it unless it’s of high quality, or you’ll lose the enjoyment it can offer you now.

Is 2020 a good year for Bordeaux wines?

The 2020 Bordeaux report on the best 900 wines of the vintage. 2020 Bordeaux will be seen as part of the incredible, and in some ways, an unequaled trilogy of vintages: 2018, 2019, and 2020. For some wines, 2020 Bordeaux is the best of the trio. For other wines, 2020 is not as strong.

Can you drink 2016 Bordeaux now?

Bordeaux 2016 to drink today This wine will of course be the perfect ally of all your red meats. If you are looking for something lighter, look to Roc de ​​Cambes. Flexible and fruity, it will be enjoyed perfectly today; its intense ripeness creates a perfect balance on the palate.

What are the best vintage years?

If you’re looking at what now is considered ancient vintages, those that are at least 50 years or older, for the Left Bank, 1961, 1959, 1955, 1953, 1949, 1948, 1945, 1934, 1929, 1928, 1921, and 1900 are all stellar examples of great vintages.

Is 2021 a good Bordeaux vintage?

2021 Bordeaux white wines are extraordinary! While some very good dry white Bordeaux has been produced over the past few years, a lot of those wines were missing their racy acidity that spanks your palate with freshness, as the weather in those vintages was simply too warm and sunny.

Was 2011 Bordeaux a good vintage?

2011 Bordeaux wine is a good, but not great vintage with some nice wines. There is more red fruit than black fruit. You will not find dark flavors than you will experience in higher-alcohol, riper vintages like 2010, 2009 or 2005. You’ll taste more cassis and cherry and less blackberry or liqueur.

How can you tell how old a bottle of wine is?

Look out for the year the wine was produced on the wine label – this is called the ‘vintage’. If it’s not immediately clear on the front label, take a look on the neck of the bottle or on the reverse side. This year indicates the year in which the grapes were harvested. Vintages vary from year to year.