What app do I need for my KENWOOD car stereo?

What app do I need for my KENWOOD car stereo?

KENWOOD Music Play. Music APP. OS: Android 4.1 to 7.x.

  • Music Control APP. OS: Android 4.0 or later.
  • KENWOOD Music Editor Light. Music Editor APP. OS: Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP.
  • iHeart Link for KENWOOD. Internet Radio Control APP. OS: Android 2.2 or later, iOS 5.0 or later.
  • Can you download apps on KENWOOD?

    Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply use your smartphone to connect to your car’s WebLink-compatible KENWOOD multimedia receiver, and then launch popular navigation, media, weather, and even more apps.

    What apps work with KENWOOD WebLink?

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    How do I connect my Kenwood app?

    Launch KENWOOD Remote App on the Android device. 4. Go to “Menu > Connect” to initiate a connection between the app and the receiver.

    How do I add apps to my Kenwood?

    ** Available on Android version only. The App Launcher feature allows you to access any 3rd party app using a touch-friendly interface that supports multiple layout patterns. To access the App Launcher, tap the icon on the top left of the screen. To add an App to the launcher, tap on the “+” icon in an empty box.

    What does the Kenwood app do?

    “KENWOOD Smartphone Control” is a function in which the video image of an Android device can be displayed on the KENWOOD Multimedia Receiver and can be controlled from an Multimedia Receiver’s touch panel. All applications on the Android device can be operated from the Multimedia Receiver.

    Can I add apps to WebLink?

    This allows you to have easy and convenient access to an incredible array of smartphone apps, no matter if you have an iPhone or Android. WHAT APPS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH WEBLINK? A large variety of smartphone apps are compatible with WebLink, including Waze, YouTube, Yelp, and much more!

    Can I control my KENWOOD stereo with my phone?

    How do I screen mirror on my KENWOOD?

    Android OS

    1. 1) Launch Mirroring for KENWOOD App on your Android Smartphone.
    2. 2) Press “Start now” to start capturing your Android screen.
    3. 3) Press “OK” to start Mirroring for KENWOOD.
    4. 4) Turn on “Overlay Permission” of Mirroring for KENWOOD.
    5. 5) Turn on “Accessibility Service” to be able to filter drive-safe apps.

    Can I use Google Maps on WebLink?

    Google Maps is available via Android Auto, which this unit supports. Waze is available via Android Auto as well as standalone, JVC has weblink apps, you need to download the JVC app to your phone (iPhone or Android) and connect via USB.

    How do I add apps to my KENWOOD head unit?