What are fire sprinkler heads?

What are fire sprinkler heads?

A sidewall fire sprinkler head protrudes along the wall and is parallel to the floor. They have a solid, semi-circular, or rectangular deflector plate that facilitates water dispersal away from the ceiling in a crescent shape, directing the water towards the open space.

How fire sprinkler heads work?

Most sprinkler heads feature a glass bulb filled with a glycerin-based liquid. This liquid expands when it comes in contact with air heated to between 135 and 165 degrees. When the liquid expands, it shatters its glass confines and the sprinkler head activates.

What are the different types of fire sprinklers?

3 Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Wet Fire Sprinkler System. A wet fire sprinkler system is one of the most common options on the market.
  • Dry Fire Sprinkler System. A dry fire sprinkler system is filled with pressurized air, rather than water.
  • Preaction Fire Sprinkler System.

How do I choose a fire sprinkler head?

Sprinklers should be chosen by evaluating the occupancy, hazards, and conditions (ceiling height, type of construction, ambient temperature, available water supply, etc.) of the building, and more specifically, the area the sprinklers will be protecting.

How many types of fire sprinkler heads?

four types
All fire sprinklers are one of four types: pendent, upright, sidewall, or concealed.

How are fire sprinklers triggered?

The typical sprinkler head consists of a plug held in place by a trigger mechanism. The most common type of trigger is a glass ampule filled with a glycerin-based liquid that expands when heated. 155º As soon as the trigger mechanism is heated to the required temperature, it trips and the water is released.

What is the flow rate of a fire sprinkler head?

A typical sprinkler used for industrial manufacturing occupancies discharge about 75-150 litres/min (20-40 US gallons/min). However, a typical Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinkler at a pressure of 50 psi (340 kPa) will discharge approximately 380 litres per minute (100 US gal/min).

How many types of sprinkler heads are there?

There are three basic sprinkler head types– Spray Irrigation Heads and Spray Rotary Sprinkler Heads, Bubbler Irrigation Heads, and Drip or Soaker Systems. Each different sprinkler head will water your plants in the particular way they like.

What is a standpipe system?

Standpipe systems are installed in buildings to help firefighters deploy attack hose lines quickly and with adequate water pressure and volume. They may be designed for heavy stream applications, first aid fire appliances, or have features of both.