What are French country homes called?

What are French country homes called?

Provencal homes
Best-known for their luxurious, yet effortless stylings, natural stone facades, and chic, rustic interiors, French country homes—otherwise known as Provencal homes—have inspired homebuilders and decorators for centuries—and continue to inspire the modern farmhouse and shabby chic interior decorating trends that are …

How do I make my exterior house look French?

Stone gray, warm brown, creamy caramel, dusty beige, barely white, brick red and soft gold accentuate the exteriors. Use a combination of paint colors to add visual interest. Patterns and pops of warmer hues brings out the character of French country style, so be sure to mix in some varying colors and designs.

What is a French country-style home?

Many French country -style homes are defined by stone, brick, or stucco exteriors. These sturdy, long-lasting siding materials offer a refined appearance and a sense of timelessness.

How was the exterior of this French country home made?

The exterior of this French country home was fashioned from plaster mixed with pale sienna pigment, while the roof tiles were made by hand and shaped over the craftsman’s thigh. The tiles were placed in the same angular way they are in France.

Where are the best places to buy a French country house?

Generally speaking, French Country house plans look best on big, impressive pieces of land in upscale suburban communities.

What are the characteristics of French style homes?

Built in Federal style in the 19th century, this early American home was heavily influenced by French architecture. The home boasts French blue shutters, tall windows capped with window lintels, and cozy dormers on its uppermost level. The mansard roof, which features four double-sloped sides, is characteristic of country French-style homes.