What are pillars candles?

What are pillars candles?

A pillar candle is a candle made from rigid wax (usually paraffin wax) so that it can stand alone without a container. Pillar candles can be made in very different sizes, shapes and heights, but you will mainly find them in a cylinder-like shape with one wick.

Are pillar candles safe?

Pillar candles should always be burnt on a candle holder or plate as well as a heat resistant surface. Use the pillar candle for candlelight until it is approximately one inch tall. Burning any pillar candle down further than this point can be a fire hazard.

How do you display pillar candles?

Arrange pillar candles of varying heights on a metal tray and place it in the middle of the table. Enhance the display by surrounding the candles with decorative stones or glass marbles. For a Mediterranean look, arrange pillar candles on a granite or marble cutting board.

How do you shape pillar candles?

How to Reshape a Pillar Candle

  1. Light the candle with a lighter. Wait 5 minutes so the wax can warm.
  2. Push the wax inward with your fingers to begin forming a shape you want. Grab the candle with both hands, and slightly squeeze the candle on both sides.
  3. Blow the candle out. Wait 1 minute.

How do you style pillar candles?

The most “by-the-book” way to style pillar candles is to display three or more square candles (all different heights), then line them up together. Create an asymmetric display by lining up next to each other in a series of increasing heights.

How do you hug a candle?

After you have extinguished the candle, while the wax is still warm “hug” it gently by cupping the warm top in your hands and hugging it inward as evenly as possible. Use a “turn and hug”, “turn and hug” method.

How long does a pillar candle last?

The average burn time for pillar candles varies because they come in so many different heights and diameters. But, assuming a pillar candle has a 3-inch diameter, you can expect a 3-inch round pillar candle to burn for 35 to 45 hours, a 6-inch pillar for 65 to 75 hours, and an 8-inch pillar to burn for 85 to 95 hours.