What are Replicators Stargate?

What are Replicators Stargate?

The Replicators are extinct technological life-forms from the Milky Way galaxy and were capable of reproducing themselves indefinitely, consuming all available resources in an area to create more of themselves.

Who created the replicator?

Replicator (Star Trek)

Plot element from the Star Trek franchise
First appearance Star Trek: The Next Generation
Created by Gene Roddenberry
Genre Science fiction

How are Replicators defeated?

The Replicators were defeated in the Milky Way and in the Asgard galaxies by adapted Ancient weapons technology.

What are Replicators evolution?

The replicator, as introduced by Dawkins (1976), has become one of the central concepts in evolutionary theory. He identified two types of replicator with unbounded evolutionary potential, namely genes and memes (memes were meant to be hereditary units of cultural rather than genetic evolution).

Where did the Replicators come from?

They were originally engineered in nanite form by the Ancients in the Pegasus Galaxy as a weapon against the Wraith. Programmed to replicate and evolve, they eventually emulated their creators by forming humanoid entities — machines made up of many trillions of microscopic nanites. The Asuran race was born.

Is Star Trek Replicator possible?

While generating a handful of particles is a long way from generating a convincing steak and lobster dinner, the technology at least makes “Star Trek”-like replicators conceivable as a real-life possibility.

Why can replicators make Latinum?

The answer from a material physics position of why Latinum can not be reproduced by the replicators is as follows: You can not make matter from nothing. Takes matter to create matter. To make anything with a replicator, it requires mass equal to or greater than the end product.

Are Asurans Replicators?

The Asurans were the human form Replicators of the Pegasus Galaxy that were created by the Ancients of Atlantis as a weapon against the Wraith during the Ancient-Wraith War 10,000 years ago. They were introduced in Stargate Atlantis: 3.05 “Progeny”.

How did the Replicators get to the Asgard galaxy?

More then likely the replicators stowed away on either a Asgard ship or an Ancients ship, as both races being in the so called “Great Alliance” had inter-galactic hyper-drives landed on the closest planet and continued. The Ida and Pegasus galaxies are not the same.

What was the first replicator?

the initial Darwinian ancestor (IDA)
The first such replicator is referred to as the initial Darwinian ancestor (IDA) [2]. The identity of the IDA has been cause for much speculation over the years.

Who created the nano virus in Stargate Atlantis?

the Lanteans
The Ancient nanovirus was a nanotechnological weapon created by the Lanteans during their tenure in the Pegasus galaxy.

What galaxy are the Asgard from?

The Asgard evolved on the planet Othala, in the Ida galaxy. Their collected history and culture would span 100,000 years. They began exploring outside their galaxy around 28,000 BC.

Is it possible to make a replicator?

Well, believe it or not, a team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have done it. They created a 3D printer that uses light and synthetic resin to replicate objects.

Is Latinum a real element?

latinum (Pt) is a metallic chemical element with a white-silver luster. It is the most widely used element among the six transition elements in group X of the periodic table. They are also known as the platinum metals (ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium and platinum).