What are some Indian slang words?

What are some Indian slang words?

15 Hindi Slang Phrases You Need To Know

  • Yaar | Friend.
  • Achcha | Good.
  • Thik Hain | Okay.
  • Bas | That’s it.
  • Arre | Hey.
  • Chakkar | Dizziness.
  • Funda | Fundamentals.
  • Ghanta | Bell (Yeah right)

What does the word Chuddies mean?

short trousers, shorts, underwear or underpants
The term ‘chuddies’ means ‘short trousers, shorts, underwear or underpants’.

What is the slang term for people from India?

Keling (pronounced [kəliŋ]) or Kling is a derogatory term used in parts of Southeast Asia to denote a person originating from the Indian subcontinent. This includes both those from India and overseas Indians.

Is ghanta a slang?

Ghanta. While the literal translation of ghanta is “bell”, it has become a common slang term in India. It expresses disbelief and is close in comparison to the phrase “yeah, right!” It can also be used when calling out someone’s lies. So, when used in that context, ghanta can also mean “nonsense” or “rubbish”.

What does MC mean in India?

MC India Abbreviation

1 MC Environment, Government
0 MC Environment, Court, Government
1 MC Committee, Meeting, Government
0 MC Committee, Meeting, Government
0 MC Education, College

What does kiss my Chuddies mean?

‘And in Goodness Gracious Me, the Asian street kids, the Bhangra Muffins, had a catchphrase, ‘Kiss my chuddies’, meaning ‘Kiss my knickers’. IT’LL BE ALRIGHT ON MY FRIDAY NIGHTS.

What Coulrophobia means?

Fear of Clowns
Coulrophobia brings on feelings of fear when you see clowns or clown images.

Is gandu a slang?

it is a slang word like you have ass hole in english.

What is Bakchodi slang?

Noun. बकचोदी • (bakcodī) f. (Delhi, slang, vulgar) dumbfuckery, nonsense, rubbish.

Is MC an abusive word?

Both MC and BC are short for offensive Hindi swear words pertaining to someone’s mother and sister, respectively.

What is the meaning of BC in Instagram?

“Before Christ” is a common definition for BC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. BC.

Is chaddi an English word?

Noun. (India) Underwear, shorts, especially knickers.

Is rupee in the Oxford English Dictionary?

1. The principal monetary unit of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and the Seychelles, equal to 100 paise in India, 100 paisa in Pakistan and Nepal, and 100 cents in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and the Seychelles. Abbreviated R, Re.

Why do natives say Skoden?

The word skoden has been used by various Indigenous communities for a long time, but has been more of an inside joke/slang word for “let’s go then.” It started gaining popularity on Indigenous people’s social media feeds a few years ago, and more recently showed up when someone spray-painted skoden over the Sudbury …

Is Jhand an abusive word?

Jhand Meaning: There is nothing in the Hindi vocabulary that defines the messed up the emotional state of your being better than this term. Life jhand hai = an upcoming existential crisis. Am I ready for it? Absolutely not!

What does BBC mean in texting?

What does BBC Mean in Texting? BBC means Big Bad Challenge in text messaging.

What do we say Chandi in English?

Silver is a valuable greyish-white metal used for making jewellery and ornaments. a brooch made from silver.