What are some PE ideas?

What are some PE ideas?

Outdoor Races

  • Timed lightning bug hunt. Encourage children to catch as many lightning bugs in a jar as they can, and see who can capture the most before you call time.
  • Sponge race.
  • Timed scavenger hunt.
  • Balloon relay race.
  • Sack race.
  • Net sports.
  • Solitary exercise.
  • Group games.

What is a curriculum in PE?

Curriculum — one of the four essential components of physical education — is the written, clearly articulated plan for how standards and education outcomes will be attained. School districts and schools should have a written physical education curriculum for grades K-12 that is sequential and comprehensive.

What are some virtual PE activities?

PE Streaming and Online Videos

  • Just Dance. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to get your body moving … and grooving.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  • The Body Coach.
  • The Kids Coach.
  • Coach Josh Kids Fitness.
  • Kids’ HIIT Workout.
  • Simply Soccer: Soccer Drills You Can Do Indoors.
  • Karate for Kids.

What can you do with PE in the classroom?

5 Great Indoor PE Games for Small Spaces:

  • Hallway Foosball: Two teams of students are seated in a straight line facing opposite ways from each other.
  • Hula Hoop Chain: Two teams of students holding hands and facing each other forming two parallel human chains.
  • Hop in a Hoop!

How do you make PE fun?

9 Strategies to Make Fitness Fun in PE

  1. Use music:
  2. Aim for quality over quantity:
  3. Teach fitness concepts in every lesson:
  4. Use a variety of fitness activities and routines:
  5. Provide lots of specific positive feedback:
  6. Progress from easy to difficult:
  7. Allow student choice:
  8. Let students create:

What can I do instead of PE?

One option for alternative PE credit is to take an approved Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) physical education class, such as Health Opportunities through Physical Education (combined health and PE credit), Running, or Walking Fitness.

What can you play in a small space?

5 Best Indoor Games to Play in Small Spaces

  • Riverbank. Kids go crazy for our indoor version of Red Light, Green Light.
  • All My Neighbors. Need a last-minute indoor game for a large group?
  • Popcorn. Popcorn incorporates teamwork, coordination, and fun competition.
  • Up, Down, Stomp, Clap.
  • Spark.

How can I make my PE more interesting?

What are the 12 component of physical fitness?

Titles Included:

The Components of Physical Fit Agility
Cardio-Vascular Endurance Co-ordination
Flexibility Muscular Endurance
Power Reaction Time
Speed Strength