What are some ways you can improve your self-disclosure?

What are some ways you can improve your self-disclosure?

To improve your self-disclosure skills try doing the following: 1. Own your opinions. Speak for yourself. Offer your own thoughts, feelings and opinions.

What are the layers of self-disclosure?

The layers of self-disclosure include the outermost (or peripheral) layer which are demographic characteristics, the intermediate layer contains your attitude and opinion, and the central layer which contain core characteristics.

What is the self-disclosure theory?

Self-disclosure is a central concept in Social Penetration Theory proposed by Altman and Taylor (1973). This theory claims that by gradually revealing emotions and experiences and listening to their reciprocal sharing, people gain a greater understanding of each other and display trust.

Which of the following is one of the four kinds of self-disclosure?

Four main categories for disclosure include observations, thoughts, feelings, and needs (Hargie, 2011). Observations include what we have done and experienced.

What factors should you consider when self-disclosing?

Three major headings emerged: PERSONAL QUALITIES, PERCEIVED COMMONALITY or PERCEIVED DIFFERENCES, and SITUATIONAL which seemed to encompass the core of the meaning of these factors which influence the self-disclosing process.

What is skillful self-disclosure?

Skillful self-disclosers choose the substance and process of their revelations, including the depth, breadth, and timing of disclosure, with the goal of furthering the collective task rather than furthering personal agendas.

What are the 4 stages of disclosure?

Children’s disclosure of sexual abuse has been described as a quasi-developmental process that includes stages of denial, reluctance, disclosure, recantation, and reaffirmation (Sorenson & Snow, 1991, Summit, 1983).

Which of the following are characteristics of self-disclosure?

What are characteristics of self-disclosure?…

  • fear of negative judgment.
  • fear of abandonment.
  • concern over loss of control.
  • fear of angry attacks.

Which 3 things should you avoid if a child makes a disclosure?


  • Tell the person that you can keep it a secret.
  • Panic, overreact, be judgmental or make assumptions.
  • Investigate, repeatedly question or ask the individual to repeat the disclosure.
  • Discuss the disclosure with people who do not need to know.

What is the meaning of disclosure of information?

Information Disclosure. Disclosure is a formal-sounding term for making information acces- sible to interested and affected parties. Communicating such infor- mation in a manner that is understandable to your stakeholders is an important first (and ongoing) step in the process of stakeholder engagement.

What are the different types of disclosures?

There are four types of disclosure rules: financial, conflict of interest, reporting and legal.

What should kids not do when disclosing?