What are the best towers in BTD4?

What are the best towers in BTD4?

Note: The most important towers are Tack Shooter, Bomb Tower, Super Monkey. Bomb Tower destroys all bloons easily including Lead and Frozen Bloons.

How do you beat bloons Tower Defense 1?

Strategy 1 Start by buying five dart monkeys, somewhere in the middle. Then, upgrade each one with piercing darts, before upgrading long range darts next. Then, buy another dart monkey and place it near the middle. Upgrade it with piercing darts and long range darts in that order.

What pops camo in BTD4?

Camo Detection in Bloons TD 4 Usually, all you need is one set of Road Spikes or a Pineapple to set off a chain reaction. Camo RBE: 11 (BTD4), same speed as a blue. Allows detection to all nearby towers. The Monkey Storm Beacon destroys all bloons including camo bloons.

How do you play BTD4?

To play this tower-defense game, first, choose your track based on your skill level and then choose the level of difficulty. Then you can set the use your mouse to select from various available defenses in the right-hand column. Once the defense is selected, choose the location on the track to place your weapon.

What is the strongest monkey in BTD6?

Super Monkey Definitely the most powerful rank 5 upgrade in the entire game, as well as the most expensive. Even the 3rd upgrade, Sun Avatar, is worth investing in, popping any bloon type and melting MOAB-classes in a few seconds.

What Tower has the highest DPS in TDS?

Totality Tower.

  • D00M’s Revenge.
  • Wrecked Battlefield.
  • Is Bloons TD a flash game?

    Bloons Tower Defense is a Flash game by Warnockworld, also known as “Ninja Kiwi.” It is a spinoff of his Bloons series, and is the first in a popular series of Tower Defense games.

    Is Cowboy good in Tower Defense Simulator?

    While the Cowboy is decent early on during the game, you might have to switch out this tower with better towers later on. At lower levels, Speedies and Quicks may pass this tower due to its slow firerate.