What are the California CTE pathways?

What are the California CTE pathways?

In California, CTE is made up of 15 career pathways: Arts, Media, & Entertainment. Building & Construction Trades. Business & Finance. Education, Child Development, & Family Services.

What is career path program?

Career pathways programs focus on promising approaches to basic skills instruction and occupational training that lead to credentials for in-demand jobs. The programs also emphasize assessment, academic and non-academic supports that adults need to complete their programs, and connections to employers.

What does CTE prepare students for?

Some of the elements of CTE programs that stand out for students as well as parents are: High quality CTE programs address career and college readiness goals, teaching real world skills and competencies; such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, innovation and communication.

What are pathway standards?

Pathway Standards impact a range of factors that influence bottom-line results, such as employee turnover, job satisfaction and engagement, productivity and teamwork, nursing-sensitive quality indicators, errors and safety events, and patient satisfaction.

What are the benefits of CTE?

CTE has been found to increase school connectedness, reduce behavioral problems related to suspensions and expulsions, and reduce dropout rates among all student groups — especially among students most at risk of dropping out.

How do I pick a career path?

How to Decide on a Career Path

  1. Choose a Career You Have a Strong Passion For. What type of work can you get lost in?
  2. Know Your Strengths.
  3. Choose a Career That Fits Your Personality.
  4. Know What the Deal-Breakers Are.
  5. Traveling and Schedule Changes.
  6. Flexibility.
  7. Money Talks.
  8. Benefits.

How do I decide on a career path?

How to choose an IT career path

  1. Consider your interests. With so many IT subspecialties, it’s important to narrow down which types of jobs you’re most interested in.
  2. Research your chosen specialties.
  3. Shadow a professional.
  4. Complete an internship.

What should I do after high school?

What to Do After Graduating High School

  1. Go to college.
  2. Earn a degree online.
  3. Start working.
  4. Study abroad.
  5. Join the military.
  6. Pick a trade school.
  7. Take a gap year.
  8. Start a business.