What are the components of DataStage?

What are the components of DataStage?

Three components comprise the DataStage client:

  • DataStage Administrator.
  • DataStage Designer.
  • DataStage Director.

How do you create a data connection in DataStage?

Creating a data connection object

  1. In the Designer client Repository, right-click the Tutorial folder, then click New > Other > Data Connection from the shortcut menu.
  2. Click the Parameters tab.
  3. In the Save Data Connection As window, select the Tutorial folder and click Save.

What is the architecture of DataStage?

DataStage is considered as a useful ETL tool that uses graphical presentation to processdata integration.It is also available in various versions in current market. DataStage follows the client-server architecture. The different versions of DataStage have different types of client-server architecture.

What are system variables in DataStage?

A set of variables containing useful system information. InfoSphere® DataStage® provides a set of variables containing useful system information that you can access from an output derivation or constraint. The value is replaced with 0.

What is data source in DataStage?

DataStage is an ETL tool which is used to Extract the data from different data source, Transform the data as per the business requirement and Load into the target database. The data source can be of any type like Relational databases, files, external data sources, etc.

What is ODBC connector in DataStage?

The ODBC stage is a passive connectivity stage. When you use IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® to access external data sources, you can choose from a collection of connectivity options. For most new jobs, use the ODBC Connector stage, which offers better functionality and performance than the ODBC stage.

What is data lineage in DataStage?

InfoSphere DataStage – X (Metadata Workbench) Data lineage specifies the data’s origins and where it moves over time. It also describes what happens to data as it goes through diverse processes.

What is a node in DataStage?

In a grid environment a Node is the place where the jobs are executed. There will be a Conductor node and multiple grid nodes which are executing in parallel to make the processing faster. If the number of nodes are increased it increases the Parallelism of the job and hence the performance.

What is dataset in DataStage?

The Data Set stage is a file stage that allows you to read data from or write data to a data set. The Data Set stage is a file stage. It allows you to read data from or write data to a data set. The stage can have a single input link or a single output link.

What is @inrownum in DataStage?

@INROWNUM and @OUTROWNUM are internal datastage variables which do the following: @INROWNUM counts incoming rows to a transformer in a datastage job. @OUTROWNUM counts oucoming rows from a transformer in a datastage job.

What is Apt_dump_score in DataStage?

Whether InfoSphere DataStage inserted extra operators in the flow. The degree of parallelism each operator runs with, and on which nodes. Information about where the data is buffered.

What is extraction and transformation metadata?

Extraction and transformation metadata include data about the removal of data from the source systems, namely, the extraction frequencies, extraction methods, and business rules for the data extraction.