What are the controls for Tomb Raider on PC?

What are the controls for Tomb Raider on PC?

You can play Tomb Raider with either a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad….Keyboard and Mouse.

Move forward Up arrow or W
Move back Down arrow or S
Move left Left arrow or A
Move right Right arrow or D
Walk Control (ctrl) (hold)

What is Pado keyboard?

PAD0 is the “zero” key (0 / INS) on the numeric keypad (numpad) on the right side of the keyboard. Some laptop computers don’t have a numeric keypad, so it is then necessary to change the in-game setting for “Look” to something else in Controls > User Keys. (For example, set it to the letter “O”.)

How do you heal in Tomb Raider 2013 PC?

HOLD (Left Trigger) and TAP (X) to heal. Craft using Medicinal herbs. Healing uses up Resources from Lara’s inventory: One item of Herbs (Rise of the Tomb Raider) or Medicine (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and one item of Cloth is used up during the process.

How do you change Keybinds in Tomb Raider?

To change the controls (PC, Mac, PlayStation or Saturn) Following the steps above, go to the Controls icon in the main menu ring. Press Enter/Select. Press left/right arrows or D-Pad left/right to switch from Default Keys to User Keys. Use arrow keys or D-Pad to move to the control you want to change.

What is the action button on Tomb Raider?

It was mainly used for Interactions with the environment or with objects, like grabbing a ledge, picking up items, using switches or keys, but also to fire drawn weapons. Press and hold the action button to make me grab the ledge.

What should I press in Tomb Raider?

It is “F” or melee action. There is a red exclamation mark (!) for a very short period of time. I thought this was something like: Image or Action missing but it means “melee attack”. Checkout “button mappings” “actions” to figure out what symbol refers to each “call to action”.

How do you heal in Tomb Raider PC?

Once you’ve found a safe spot to heal, you can press F1 on PC to heal Lara. On console , you’ll want to press and hold L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One to begin the process, then X on PS4 or A on Xbox One to heal.

How do you use the AXE in Tomb Raider PC?

Move close and press Interact to set the axe into the rock. Then climb using direction controls as usual. It’s not necessary to hold interact to stay latched on. If you need to let go, press Dodge/Roll (Shift/Circle/B) to drop.

How do you take a picture in shadow of Tomb Raider PS4?

First off, you’ll need to press the Options button on PS4, or the Menu button on your Xbox One controller. This should open up Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s pause menu. From here, select the Photographer Mode option. The photo mode in Shadow of the Tomb Raider largely works the same as it does in most games.

How do you crouch in Tomb Raider PC?

There’s no controlable crouch/stealth mode in ROTTR. When Lara enters a combat situation she will automatically crouch down. This is also a stealth mode too. If you put her behind something then she snaps to it and uses it as cover.

How do you use melee in Tomb Raider?

Wait for an enemy to strike at Lara and then press the Dodge button (Shift/Circle/B) while moving in any direction to duck out of the way. Press Melee (F/Triangle/Y) in time with the on-screen prompt to to stun the enemy. Then you can finish him off with a melee attack or your weapon of choice.

How do you use a grapple axe?

First, jump for the hoops and tap X to grab them with your axe as you get close. Lara will swing and automatically let go on the other side. After crossing the fallen tree, make a leap for the rock to your right and again tap X to deploy your axe as you get near. Once attached, just push up to scale the rope.

How do I take a picture in Tomb Raider?

Does Tomb Raider have photo mode?

Shadow of the Tomb Raider features a photographer mode that lets you pause the game, adjust the camera view, and change Lara’s facial expression. One of those expressions has Lara smiling – innocent enough, but you can engage this mode at any point in the game, which includes some intense cutscenes.

How do you take cover in Tomb Raider?

If you put her behind something then she snaps to it and uses it as cover. It happens automatically when near enemies. You can then take cover in bushes / behind walls / crates.