What are the forms of inteligente?

What are the forms of inteligente?


  • bomba inteligente.
  • inteligentemente.
  • tarjeta inteligente.
  • teléfono inteligente.

Can Bueno be feminine?

When to use ‘bueno’, ‘buenos’, ‘buena’ and ‘buenas’ As mentioned before, ‘bueno’ is the translation for ‘good’. Unlike ‘bien’, ‘bueno’ is an adjective which means it has plural and feminine forms.

Is inteligente plural?

2 Answers. The word “inteligente” is an adjective, not a noun. But you can say “Son dos mujeres inteligentes.”

Is inteligente singular or plural?

intelligent Masculine Feminine
Singular intelligent intelligente
Plural intelligents intelligentes

Do you say Buena or Bueno?

Unlike ‘bien’, ‘bueno’ is an adjective which means it has plural and feminine forms. Furthermore, ‘bueno’ is a word that we use to describe a noun….’Ser’ and ‘bueno’

Lee este libro, es muy bueno Read this book, it’s very good
Mi clase de yoga es buena My yoga class is good

Should I say Buenos or buenas?

In Spanish one says literally Good mornings, good afternoons, and good evenings or nights. That is why they are buenos and buenas. The word días is masculine plural so use buenos with it. The words tardes and noches are feminine plural so use buenas with them.

Is muy buen correct?

Muy bien meaning “Very well” Muy means “very” and is often followed by an adverb or an adjective. The word bien is the literal translation of “well”. So muy bien means “very well”, “fine”, or even “OK”, when used to express satisfaction about a situation.

What does inteligente mean in English?

intelligent , clever
[ı̃teliˈʒẽtʃi ] pessoa) intelligent , clever. technical) smart.

Why is it Buen and not bueno?

As we mentioned before, buen and bueno are actually the same word, and they are both used to describe singular masculine nouns. The difference is where you’ll put them in the sentence. Bueno goes after the noun and buen before. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Can Poco be feminine?

When working as an adjective, ‘poco’ has feminine (poca) and plural (pocos / pocas) forms. It means ‘few’ or ‘little’.

What is Pequito?

it is a diminutive of poco, meaning small, therefore meaning very small, tiny, etc.