What are the hazards of benzophenone?

What are the hazards of benzophenone?

EC Number: 204-337-6

FIRE & EXPLOSION Combustible. Risk of fire and explosion on contact with incompatible substances. See Chemical Dangers. Use powder, alcohol-resistant foam, water spray, carbon dioxide.

Is benzophenone flammable?

Not flammable or combustible. Use water spray, alcohol-resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide.

How do you handle benzophenone?

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Avoid ingestion and inhalation. Keep away from open flames, hot surfaces and sources of ignition. Storage Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

Is benzophenone the same as benzene?

Benzophenone is produced by the acylation of benzoyl chloride with an excess of benzene.

Does benzophenone react with water?

Benzophenone is the organic compound with the formula (C6H5)2CO, generally abbreviated Ph2CO. Substituted benzophenones such as oxybenzone and dioxybenzone are used in sunscreen….

Boiling point 305.4 °C
Solubility in water insoluble
Solubility benzene, THF, ethanol, propylene glycol

What does benzophenone smell like?

About. Found naturally occurring in some fruits, mainly grapes, benzophenone has a sweet, woody aroma.

What is benzophenone found in?

Benzophenone occurs naturally in some foods (such as wine grapes and muscat grapes) and is added to other foods as a flavoring. In personal care products, benzophenone is used as a fragrance enhancer or to prevent products such as soaps from losing scents and colors in the presence of UV light.

What happens if you get hexane on your skin?

Easily inhaled or absorbed through the skin, hexane has been recognized for more than 40 years to cause long-lasting and even permanent nerve damage in feet, legs, hands, and arms.

How safe is benzophenone?

Safety Information In addition, a Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) expert scientific panel states that benzophenone and its derivatives (benzophenone-1, -3, -4, -5, -9 and -11) are safe as typically used in cosmetics and personal care products.

Is benzophenone same as benzene?

Is benzophenone a carcinogen?

Benzophenone is a mutagen, carcinogen, and endocrine disruptor. Its presence in food products or food packaging is banned in the United States. Under California Proposition 65, there is no safe harbor for benzophenone in any personal care products, including sunscreens, anti-aging creams, and moisturizers.

What to do if hexane gets on skin?

Remove the person from exposure. Flush eyes with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Remove contact lenses. Quickly remove contaminated clothing and wash contaminated skin with large amounts of soap and water.

What happens if I touch hexane?

repeated contact can cause a skin rash, dryness and redness. ► Inhaling n-Hexane can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. ► Exposure can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness and passing out.