What are the job duties of a restaurant receptionist?

What are the job duties of a restaurant receptionist?

Manage the front desk by receiving incoming calls, greeting and attending to customers. Inform guests about the availability of tables and direct them to the tables. Keep records of guests who visit the restaurant. Assist customers with answers to queries, and proffer solutions to issues within your capacity.

What are the roles and responsibilities of receptionist in a hotel?

Hotel Receptionists greet guests as they arrive at a hotel. You check guests in and out, and give them their room keys. You take bookings (by telephone or email), prepare bills and take payments. You often confirm bookings in writing, using a computer to prepare letters or send emails.

What should I put on my resume for receptionist?

Receptionist Soft Skills

  1. Verbal and written communication.
  2. Listening.
  3. Professionalism.
  4. Customer focus.
  5. Organization and planning.
  6. Handling pressure and tolerating stress.
  7. Attention to detail.
  8. Initiative.

How do I write a CV for a hotel receptionist?

You should go through your relevant experience, listing the responsibilities and achievements you had in each of your roles. Start with your current (or most recent) role and work your way backwards. Quick tip: If you have a huge amount of relevant experience, don’t be tempted to submit a CV over 2 pages.

How do you describe a receptionist on a resume?

Receptionists may greet visitors, handle incoming and outgoing correspondence, maintain files and records, perform data entry, maintain office calendars and schedules, keep the office clean, safe and organized and keep office supply inventory fully stocked.

What are five duties of a receptionist?

The duties of a receptionist include the following:

  • Welcoming guest.
  • Answering Incoming calls.
  • Manage incoming and outgoing mails.
  • Administrative functions.
  • Directing staff and guest to the appropriate office.
  • Ensure cleanliness and orderliness.
  • Assist in maintaining security.

How do you handle front desk calls?

Ask for permission first and give them the option to leave a voicemail message. Also, when releasing the call, thank the caller to show that their time is respected. When a caller is speaking, listen to them say without interruptions. Always state your name before asking for the person that the call is for.

What should receptionist always remember?

5 Skills Every Receptionist Needs in 2022

  • Strong Technology Skills.
  • Great Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Fantastic Communication Skills.
  • Excellent Time Management Skills.
  • Independent Approach to Work.

How can I make my receptionist sound good on my resume?

How do you introduce yourself to a hotel reception?


  1. Start by researching the company and your interviewers.
  2. Dress appropriately for the interview.
  3. Avoid distractions and keep eye contact.
  4. Be confident and comfortable.
  5. Be aware of body language.
  6. Prepare what to say.
  7. Rehearse your introduction with a friend.
  8. Follow our examples below.

What should you do if a guest doesn’t answer the 2nd reminder?

What to be done if guest doesn’t answer the 2nd reminder call?…

  • Repeat the details written with the guest again for re-confirmation.
  • Wish the guest a pleasant continuation when leaving the counter or at the end of the call.
  • Call the Room service and inform them about the special request if any.

What are the duties of a hotel receptionist?

Greet all guests and assist them with check-in and check-out.

  • Maintain a positive attitude and friendly demeanor.
  • Respond to all guest questions and requests.
  • Answer and forward phone calls.
  • Manage guest bookings and reservations.
  • Keep a tidy and orderly workspace.
  • What is the role of a receptionist in hotel?

    Greet and welcome guests as soon as they arrive at the office

  • Direct visitors to the appropriate person and office
  • Answer,screen and forward incoming phone calls
  • Ensure reception area is tidy and presentable,with all necessary stationery and material (e.g.
  • Provide basic and accurate information in-person and via phone/email
  • What are the different types of hotel receptionist jobs?

    Catering Assistant. The purpose of this role is to provide general assistance to the catering manager.

  • Restaurant Manager. A restaurant manager is responsible for making sure that a restaurant is run profitably,efficiently,and in compliance will all the relevant health and safety regulations.
  • Executive Chef.
  • Hotel Receptionist.
  • Hotel Manager.
  • How to be a hotel receptionist?

    Excellent inter-personal skills

  • Patience
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • Pleasant disposition
  • Be able to handle pressure
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Multitasking ability
  • Organizational skills
  • Proficiency in working with computers
  • Pay attention to detail