What are the lathe specifications?

What are the lathe specifications?

Specification of a Lathe:

  • Swing- the largest work diameter that can be swung for the lathe bed.
  • The distance between the headstock and tailstock center.
  • Length of the bed in a meter.
  • The pitch of the lead screw.
  • Horsepower of the machine.
  • Speed range and the number of speeds of HS spindle.

What is a turret in a lathe?

The turret lathe is a form of metalworking lathe that is used for repetitive production of duplicate parts, which by the nature of their cutting process are usually interchangeable.

What are the main specifications of central lathe?

Product Specification

Type of Lathe Machine All Geared Precision Lathe with Universal Gear Box
Chuck Diameter 200mm to 300 mm
Admit Between Centre 800 mm to 2000 mm
Height Of Centre 175mm to 300mm
Length Of Bed 1200 mm to 3000 mm

How do you specify a lathe size?

How to Determine a Lathe Size

  1. Locate the hole in the center of the chuck.
  2. Measure the distance in inches from the center of the chuck to the nearest point on the bed.
  3. Measure the distance between both ends of the center of the chuck.
  4. Combine the measurements.

How is turret lathe classified?

As to size, turret lathes are classified as small (bar capacity d = 25 mm, chucking capacity D = 320 mm), medium (d = 80 mm, D = 500 mm) and large (d = 160 mm, D = 800 mm). According to the turret arrangement, turret lathes are classified as those having turrets with a horizontal (Fig. 32.2 a), vertical (Fig.

What is turret lathe and its types?

Based on Orientation, Turrets Lathes Are Divided into Two Types: Horizontal Turret Lathe:- In the horizontal turret lathe, the orientation of the hexagonal turret and the workpiece is horizontal. Vertical Turret Lathe:- In the vertical turret lathe, hexagonal turret and workpiece have a vertical orientation.

Which of the following are specification of a shaper machine?

The following specification of shaper is: Maximum stroke of Ram. Drive types (Hydraulic, Gear and Crank type) Input Power. Cutting to Return Stroke ratio.

What are the specifications of drilling machine?

10 Best Drill Machine for Home Use in India: Specifications and Price

Product Input Speed
Yking 750W 13mm Impact Drilling Machine 750 W 0-2800 rpm
Cheston 650W Impact Drilling Machine 650 W 0-2900 rpm
Powerup 10mm 600W Impact Drill 600 W 2700 rpm
Bellstone 13mm Electric Drill 650 W 2600 rpm

What do you mean by specification size of lathe explain?

1)The height of the centers measured from the lathe bed. 2) The swing diameter over bed. This is the largest diameter of work that will revolve without touching the bed and is twice the height of the centre measured from the bed of the lathe. 3) The length between centers.

What is the size of lathe machine?

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, Size: Various Sizes, 500-750 mm

Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Lathe Machine Type Horizontal Lathe
Max Swing Over Bed 250-500 mm, 500-750 mm, 0-250 mm
Condition New
Size Various Sizes

What are the advantages of a turret lathe?

Capstan and Turret Lathe Advantages:

  • The rate of production is higher.
  • Different ranges of speeds are obtained.
  • A number of tools can be accommodated.
  • Chucking of larger workpieces can be done.
  • Operators of less skill are required hence lowers the labor cost.
  • Higher rigidity so can withstand heavy loads.

How is a shaper specified?

The size of the shaper is specified by the maximum length of stroke or cut it makes. The maximum stroke length of the shaper is 900 mm.

What are the specifications of milling machine?

Universal Milling Machines

Universal Milling Machine ( Longitudinal Feed Auto )
Number of Spindle Speed 6
Range of Spindle Speed 50, 85, 110, 240, 350,525 RPM
Number of Feeds 3 Feeds (0.9, 1.4, 2.25 Per Minute )