What are the Myst books about?

What are the Myst books about?

Myst is the home of an explorer named Atrus, who lives on the island with his wife Catherine and two sons, Sirrus and Achenar. An unnamed protagonist drops into Myst and finds the island strangely deserted. As the player explores Myst, they discover Sirrus and Achenar trapped inside two books.

Does Myst have a story?

Myst’s story concerns an explorer named Atrus who has the ability to write books that serve as links to other worlds, known as Ages. This practice of creating linking books was developed by an ancient civilization known as the D’ni, whose society crumbled after being ravaged by disease.

How many pages is Myst?

The instructions for using the 300-page book will be given to you when you have completed one of your missions. 3a. Each of the other four readable books describes an Age, giving clues how to get there and how to get around once you’re there.

How many Myst games are there?

The game’s original developers, Cyan, have managed to get the rights to all seven games in the Myst universe, and have turned to Kickstarter to re-release it as one big box set.

Are the Myst books good?

For those who have played both MYST and Riven, this book is an excellent back story on the history on MYST Island, Riven, D’ni, and Atrus’ family origins. Overall, an excellent read, even for those who have not played the games.

How does the game Myst end?

The good ending is achieved by finding a white page and bringing it to the green book, which contains Atrus. However, Atrus is stuck within the book (as Sirrus and Achenar had torn a single white page from his linking book, stranding him there) and requests The Stranger find the missing page.

Where can I play Myst?

Myst is available as realMyst on Android and iOS. This port of the original Myst is the result of a partnership between Cyan, the original developer of the game, and Noodlecake, the mobile studio responsible for Alto’s Adventure and Pumped: BMX, amongst others.

What is the difference between realMyst and Myst: Masterpiece Edition?

The main difference between Myst and Myst: Masterpiece Edition is that the former uses an 8-bit color palette, while the latter uses a 24-bit color palette. This is a noticeable difference if you play the two games.