What are the names of the current mules at West Point?

What are the names of the current mules at West Point?

The current Army Mule Riders are: Cadet Garrett Dolan, 2021, Cadet Sarah Traynor, 2022, Cadet Kyle Kass, 2023, and Cadet Benjamin Bennett, 2024. Together they are present at many of West Point’s athletic events, parades, and other ceremonial activities.

Does the military still use mules?

[1] A few decades ago, the use of equine was almost abandoned in the military since there was not a definitive need. But the wars in Afghanistan created a necessity for pack mules which are now an integral part of the U.S. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, California.

Does West Point have a mascot?

Mules, the obvious choice for our mascot, had served in the Army for generations by hauling gear for our soldiers. The Mules today are Ranger III and Stryker, and they are cared for entirely by the cadet Mule Riders.

Does the Army mule have a name?

In 1939, the Army decided to finally settle on a single, official mascot. A mule named Mr. Jackson became the first Army mule. While many mules have since taken on this duty, it’s important to note that at least one mule in the stable must always be named Ranger after the elite infantrymen.

Does the USMC still use mules?

Five donkeys, 24 mules and five sergeant trainers are stationed at the center for the course, which is given eight times a year to Marines, Army soldiers, Navy SEALs and some foreign troops.

Why does the U.S. Marines have mules?

The instructors at MCMWTC use mules because of their strength, durability and longevity that suit the military’s needs when operating in a foreign country.

What happened to the Navy goat?

Bill XXXVII joined the Naval Academy family in the late fall of 2016. Bill XXXIII died in January 2021 due to ongoing health issues. Bill XXXIV passed away in March 2022 due to old age. Bill XXXVI passed away in April 2022 due to health complications.

What wars were mules used in?

Mules were sent to Greece from Italy at the close of World War II. During the Greek Civil War against the Communist insurgency, The U. S. Army used 10,000 mules and defeated the Communists after a bitter war.

What were mules used for in ww2?

Pack mules indeed performed yeoman service in Asia and other theaters during World War II, hauling weapons and equipment as well as saving lives by carrying wounded off the front lines. They took the same risks as their human masters and too often they paid the ultimate price.

How many mules are in the Marine Corps?

Why does the U.S. Marine Corps have mules?

Why do they call chiefs goats?

The goats were under the charge of the chief petty officers and the livestock pens were in the chiefs’ quarters. “Goat locker” is still used today as a nickname for the chief petty officers’ mess and berthing. The Bluejacket’s Manual also states that the goat locker is a “good-natured reference to chiefs as ‘old goats.

Why did Army use mules?

Pack mules provided the mobility for the Army to chase the Apaches and other tribes across the difficult terrain of the South-west. Mules were ideally suited for this environment given their hardiness and sure-footedness. They also eat less, and require less protein and forage than a horse.

How many mules did the union have?

In the year ending June 1864, Union forces acquired 9,500 wagons, 1,100 ambulances, 188,718 horses and 82,320 mules from Northern sources, and 20,308 horses and 9,013 mules bought from Southerners—not counting thousands of unreported confiscations—for a total of more than 300,000 animals.

Why does the Marines have mules?

Who are the mules at West Point?

The current Mule Corps are: Ranger III (formerly known as Jack): Ranger III, one of the Army Mules, has been on campus since 2011. He was trained by MAJ Anne Hessinger, an Army veterinarian who served at West Point in 2003–2006. Stryker (formerly known as Abe): Stryker is the half-brother of Ranger III.

What is the name of the senior mule at Army Academy?

Most recent mules include Raider (formerly known as Joker) is the senior mule. He arrived on Sept. 23, 1995, and was formally welcomed to the Academy at a pre-game ceremony prior to the Army-Colgate football game on Oct. 28, 1995. He was foaled in 1989 by a Missouri Fox Trotter Champion mare and sired by a kibler’s jack.

What is company athletics at West Point?

Company Athletics Home. Welcome To Company Athletics. The West Point Company Athletic Program is an intra-collegiate sports program that provides a competitive sport experience for over 2400 cadets. Company athletics is more than a recreational release for cadets. It is an educational program designed to develop future Army officers.

Why do they call them mules in the Army?

The tradition of mules as mascots for Army dates back to 1899, when an officer at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot decided that the team needed a mascot to counter the Navy goat. Mules were an obvious choice, as they were used as haulers for Army gear for generations.