What are the products of NNPC?

What are the products of NNPC?

NNPC Retail Limited Offers Various Products and Services Ranging From

  • Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Premium Motor Spirit also known as petrol is used to power internal combustion engines e.g. Cars, Generators etc.
  • Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)
  • Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)

Does Nigeria import kerosene?

According to the report, a total volume of 148. 13 million litres of Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK), was imported by the country in 2019.

How many NNPC mega stations are in Nigeria?

Presently, NNPC Retail owns a station in each state of the Federation including the FCT. In addition, NNPC Retail has 12 Floating Mega stations introduced to serve the Riverine Communities of the Niger Delta area of the country.

What is dual purpose kerosene?

Dual Purpose Kerosine (DPK), also called paraffin or paraffin oil, is a flammable pale yellow or colourless oily distillate fraction with characteristic odour intermediate in volatility between motor spirit and gas oil that distils between 150oC and 300oC.

How much fuel does Nigeria import?

Nigeria spent a total of N4. 56 trillion on the importation of moto spirit (fuel) in 2021 about 128% higher than the N2 trillion spent on fuel importation in 2020. This is according to foreign trade data recently published by the National Bureau of Statistics.

How many AA Rano filling stations are in Nigeria?

Retail Business: A.A RANO NIGERIA LTD has built over 60 Service Stations in Nigeria.

How do I register as a contractor with NNPC?

Visit NNPC website (www.nnpcgroup.com) to access registration portal: a) Click on NNPC Business b) Select Business Information c) Click on Vendor Registration d) Select Vendor Registration Guidelines and Read 2.

What is the difference between DPK and ATK?

AGO is the acronym of Automotive Gas Oil, popularly called DIESEL. DPK stands for Dual Purpose Kerosene. When used for household purposes it is called HHK. When used as aviation fuel, it is called ATK.

What use is DPK?

DPK Tablet is a combination of Diclofenac and Paracetamol. It is used to reduce pain due to various conditions such as headache, toothache, backache, menstrual pain, sprains, and strains.

Which country does Nigeria buy fuel from?

In 2019, the top partner countries from which Nigeria Imports Fuels include Netherlands, Belgium, Benin, India and France.

Who owns seplat Nigeria?

Bryant (ABC) Orjiako. ABC Orjiako is the Chairman and co-founder of SEPLAT, a leading Nigerian independent oil and gas company listed on the London and Nigerian stock exchanges with a strategic focus in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

Which state is AA Rano from?

Kano State, Nigeria
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Rano is a Local Government Area and headquarters of Rano Emirate council in Kano State, Nigeria. Rano is a local government area in Kano State with administrative headquarters in the town of Rano.

Who has the highest number of filling station in Nigeria?

Oil and Gas: Top 10 richest Filling stations in Nigeria

  • Ardova Plc petrol stations.
  • Total filling stations.
  • NNPC filling stations.
  • Exxon Mobil filling stations.
  • Salbas filling stations.
  • MRS Oil fuel stations.
  • Eterna Oil filling stations.
  • Honeywell filling stations.

How do I become a vendor for a company in Nigeria?

Vendor Registration Form

  1. A photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. A photocopy of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  3. A photocopy of the Current Tax Clearance Certificate.
  4. A reference letter from your bank.
  5. A photocopy of VAT registration Certificate.
  6. DPR Certificate.