What are the regional terms in human anatomy?

What are the regional terms in human anatomy?

Regional directional terms include anterior and posterior, dorsal and ventral, and lateral and medial.

What are the 5 regions of the body?

The five regions of the body are the head, neck, torso, upper extremities, and lower extremities.

What are the 7 directional terms used in anatomy?

Anatomical Directional Terms

  • Anterior: In front of, front.
  • Posterior: After, behind, following, toward the rear.
  • Distal: Away from, farther from the origin.
  • Proximal: Near, closer to the origin.
  • Dorsal: Near the upper surface, toward the back.
  • Ventral: Toward the bottom, toward the belly.
  • Superior: Above, over.

What are the regional and directional terms?

Directional terms are words used to describe the location of one structure in relation to another. These terms are also used to indicate specific locations on organs or bones. Regional terms are words used to describe specific regions or locations on the body.

What are the 9 anatomical regions?

The nine regions are smaller than the four abdominopelvic quadrants and include the right hypochondriac, right lumbar, right illiac, epigastric, umbilical, hypogastric (or pubic), left hypochondriac, left lumbar, and left illiac divisions. The perineum is sometimes considered to be the tenth division.

How do you remember the anatomical terms?


  1. Link the word to the structure by creating a mental picture.
  2. Find the meaning of the word.
  3. Break the word down and make it recognisable for yourself by using tip number 2…
  4. Create your own abbreviations, songs, poems, acronyms etc.
  5. Use flashcards, either in print commercial, online or homemade.

What is a regional area body?

1 Definition. The body regions, latin: Regiones corporis, devide the body into various anatomic districts which can be projected by the shape of planes onto the body surface. They simplify the rough topographical classification of anatomical structures related to the entirety of the organism.