What are Tier 2 weapons?

What are Tier 2 weapons?

Tier II (Blue) Tier II weapons are obtainable through boss battles after W. D. Underground, various game modes, and Extreme Bosses. These weapons are an upgrade of Tier I weapons.

What is the best gun in the final stand 2?

The M60 is great at rallying up kills so use it only when needed or a panic weapon. Basically a combination of the M82 (damage, accuracy, pierce) as well as the minigun (ammo capacity, headshot multiplier, magazine size, recoil and attack speed).

What is a Tier 1 weapon?

Tier = level of a weapon. You start out with a pistol and a starting gun for every perk, the starting weapon is always tier 1. After wave 1 you have a choice to either buy a tier 2 new weapon flat out or spend 500 dosh to upgrade your starting weapon to tier 2 . New weapons around 650-750 are considered tier 2.

Is there a Tier 3 axe in Grounded?

The Grounded 0.12 update brings the first Tier 3 tools to the game, Termite Axe and Black Ox Hammer. This video guide will show you the most effective way to craft these tools and in a certain way, one tool is linked to the other. Use the timestamps below to jump to specific parts of the guide.

How much does the laser minigun cost in the final stand 2?

While the Minigun is designed to hit the same target three times with each shot, the Laser Minigun is designed to hit three targets once each. Including all upgrades and the Mobile Shop upgrade needed to unlock it, on any mode other than career mode the Laser Minigun costs $500,000 to purchase and fully upgrade.

What tier is AK on rust?

Rust Weapons: A Tier AK-47 and LR-300 are both decent weapons with fairly high damage and RPM. Both weapons are great for long and short distance PvP battles.

Is MP5 a Tier 3 gun?

MP5 is barely Tier 3, the only weapon you see is AK/LR, tier 2 you get thompsons, sars, customs, pythons, etc.

Is there a Tier 2 spear in Grounded?

The Stinger Spear is a Tier 2 spear weapon, and has a unique critical hit chance perk. It shares the same damage and attack speed as the Bone Trident, but is unable to inflict stun. Its rotten variant can be found on the head of the Sunken T-Rex.

Where can I buy Attrazione?

It is wanted by the Chop Shop in the Truck Yard District, and is available as a Saints Gang Customization vehicle after conquering 30 hoods. The Attrazione can be customized in Saints Row 2 to look like Price’s in Saints Row.

How many Ronin missions are there?

Excluding DLC content there are forty-two missions and fourteen strongholds.