What are water wigglers used for?

What are water wigglers used for?

Keep your water moving to attract more birds! The Wiggler attracts more birds with moving water. Features a silent agitator to create continuous ripples in your birdbath and prevent mosquitoes from landing.

When did water wigglers come out?

Founded in 1948, Wham-O brought us some of the most iconic toys of all time, including the Hula-Hoop and Frisbee in 1958, and the Slip-n-Slide in 1961. The following year, they unleashed the innocuous-sounding Water Wiggle on an unsuspecting populace.

Who invented the water wiggler toy?

That is why Wham-O invented one of the most dangerous toys to ever grace the American backyard, “The Water Wiggle”.

Who invented water wiggler toy?

How do you fix water wigglers?

running free & easy.

  1. Remove WATER WIGGLER from your birdbath and. turn it upside down.
  2. Grab a can of WD-40 and squirt a small amount of.
  3. Let the oil work itself down into the shaft area while.
  4. Before putting your WATER WIGGLER back into your.
  5. Put your WATER WIGGLER back in your birdbath and.

Who bought Wham-O?

* 1982: Knerr and Melin retire, selling Wham-O to Kransco of San Francisco for $12 million.

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Does the water wiggler attract birds?

The Water Wiggler creates continuous ripples in the water, attracting birds to it and discouraging mosquitos from laying eggs.

How long do batteries last in water wiggler?

approx 2 months
Answer: The Allied Precision Bird Bath Water Wiggler Standard (4WW) battery life is approx 2 months.