What artwork does Madonna own?

What artwork does Madonna own?

A painting of a woman nude by Diego Rivera is among Madonna’s collection, as is Frida Kahlo’s 1940 Self Portrait with Monkey. In addition to My Birth, she owns Kahlo’s work.

Does Madonna collect art?

When it comes to collecting art, like a virgin Madonna is not. The pop icon began collecting in the early ’80s when she lived in New York as a struggling dancer, hanging out with the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and her then-boyfriend Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Does Madonna own Basquiat?

We already know that Madonna once possessed several works by Basquiat (which were eventually destroyed by the artist) and is the proud owner of one of only five paintings Frida Kahlo created during her time in Detroit (which she refused to loan to the Detroit Institute of Arts for their current exhibition).

How much is the painting of Madonna worth?

A Renaissance-era panel by the artist Botticelli depicting the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and a young John the Baptist sold for $10.4 million at a Christie’s auction in New York on Wednesday. The work was labeled the “Rockefeller Madonna” by the auction house because it was once owned by John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Does Madonna own a Frida Kahlo?

This new blockbuster exhibition has the largest selection of works painted in this period but one is noticeably absent and that is Frida Kahlo’s My Birth (1932). The painting is owned by the overexposed pop singer Madonna, a collector of the work of this well known artist.

Did Madonna know Basquiat?

Basquiat and Madonna: He had a significant relationship with The Queen of Pop. Basquiat and Madonna had both met each other in the beginning stages of both of their fames – Madonna with her debut album and Basquiat holding regular gallery shows.

Did Madonna sleep with Basquiat?

The latest winner of the AnOther Loves vote depicts one such suprising coupling – that between Madonna and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who enjoyed a brief affair between 1982-3.

What is the most valuable piece in the Met?

In its most expensive purchase ever, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has agreed to pay more than $45 million for a painting by the early Renaissance master Duccio di Buoninsegna no bigger than a sheet of typing paper.

How much is the Madonna and child worth?

The painting was excitingly acquired in the autumn of 2004 by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an estimated amount of 45 million USD. This is a highly valuable acquisition not only for the aesthetic significance in terms of the history of art, but also because there are only 13 known paintings by Duccio in the world.

How much is the Madonna and Child worth?

A 450-year-old Madonna and Child work by Titian has sold for $16.9m (£10.7m) in New York, setting a new auction record for the Renaissance master. A Sacra Conversazione: The Madonna and Child with Saints Luke and Catherine of Alexandria was sold at Sotheby’s to a European telephone bidder.

How long did Madonna date Basquiat?

How much did the last Basquiat sell for?

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic large-scale painting Untitled, 1982, that was offered from the collection of Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa fetched US$85 million on Wednesday evening at Phillips in New York.

What is Madonna’s art collection?

Madonna’s over $100 million art collection is steeped in classics like Kahlo and Picasso, but is not without some contemporary pieces. It is believed that she owns at least one piece by Damien Hirst. She is also a big fan of Marilyn Minder and used one of her videos, Green Pink Caviar as part of her Sweet and Sticky tour in 2008.

Does Madonna own any paintings by Diego Rivera?

Madonna owns a female nude painting by Diego Rivera as well as Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait with Monkey, which was painted in 1940. She also owns Kahlo’s My Birth. In that 1990 interview with Vanity Fair, Madonna said of My Birth: “If somebody doesn’t like this painting, then I know they can’t be my friend.”

Who is the artist who inspired Madonna’s art?

Lempicka is a Polish Art Deco painter who is the first female artists to be a star. Her colorful, graphic style and feminine subjects were a natural for Madonna. Lempicka has been a favorite of celebrity collectors since the 1930s.

What did Madonna sell at Sotheby’s?

In 2013, Madonna sold another Legér, Trois Femmes à la Table Rouge (Three Women at the Red Table), at Sotheby’s for $7.2 million. She donated the proceeds to her own Ray of Light Foundation, which supports education projects for girls in the Middle East and South Asia. Tamara de Lempicka, Nana de Herrera (1928). 2. Tamara de Lempicka